Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Christmas seemed to come early this year. Or, maybe, the older you get, time flies faster. 
  • I received some vintage looking Ray-Bans and a vintage (authentic) LBJ bumper sticker for Christmas. Both are beyond fantastic 
  • I've always thought a movie could be made about the "woman caught in adultery" from the Bible. Take a little poetic license about the back story, and then end with a big finish of Jesus writing something in the dust. 
  • 38 dead in a suicide bombing in Baghdad. 
  • The Interview is now going to be shown on Christmas Day. I'm not prepared to believe it, but was all of this controversy just a publicity stunt? 
  • For some reason I ended up watching Deliverance in the middle of the night. It's beyond fantastic, isn't it?
  • Mrs. LL caught me watching Deliverance in the middle of the night. She didn't say anything but she did release the dogs on me. 
  • But after watching the movie,  I couldn't stop thinking about Smokey and the Bandit or the Seinfeld episode of Jon Voight's pencil.
  • BagOfNothing went on a pro-Obama rant this morning. Go get him!!!!
  • The economy under a President is nothing but luck, and it had no where to go but up when he took office. But I wanted President Obama to do three things: Get out of Iraq, get out of Afghanistan, and close Gitmo.  I'll take two out of three. But I might get all three by the time everything is said and done. 
  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been confined for over 10 years without a trial. We are so better than that. 
  • I got hooked into a Lifetime movie yesterday about babies getting switched at birth. I need to learn to just walk away. (But it had the kid from Little House In The Prairie in it. And she played the uppity rich mom! How you gonna walk away from that?) 
  • Mrs. LL isn't a crier. Seriously. She can experience deep emotions but she'll never cry. (Her words, not mine.) 
  • Heck, I'll cry during a Charlie Brown's Christmas.
  • I've always loved Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. As with anything, the anticipation is more fun than the moment. Oh ....... Merry Christmas.