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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL is sick but was smart enough to go to the doctor immediately.  But now I'm not feeling very well. Maybe just sympathy pains? Naaaaaa.
  • Christians are fatter than atheists? There would be nothing more ironic if that is true.
  • Cowboys are in the playoffs and gas is under $2.00. Hello, 1990s!
  • The Sixth Grader in the House was dressed so crazy for church on Sunday that I told her she looked like Cindy Lauper.   I shouldn't have been surprised when I got a confused look in return.
  • The Wise County Courthouse is closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Huh?
  • If anyone disagrees with my hatred of Joe Jamail, watch this. And to think the University of Texas has his statue side by side with the great Darrell Royal.
  • Former Bridgeport resident Allen Vaught is in the Dallas Morning News.
  • I'm so conflicted about that goofy Texas Supreme Court Justice.  He's no idiot. Yet he's not that smart. But he's definitely a nerd on Twitter. And then he upped his game on Friday when he dissented in a decision by quoting Ferris Bueller (in a decision saying that the court should interpret how much protection bloggers have.) He did it only to get publicity and it worked. Crazy like a fox?
  • The Dow just broke 18,000 this morning. It was 7,949 when the President took office. 
  • If the U.S. knocked out North Korea's internet access for a few hours, I'm pleased we can actually carry out something out successfully.
  • I failed to mention it yesterday, but the fact that one of the Wise County Sheriff's Office's servers was crippled by a hacker is the story of the year. A $500 ransom? In Bitcoin? You're kidding me!
  • I'd like to have an accounting from the Salvation Army.
  • This is my 17,924th post. That's insane. 


Anonymous said...

which one is joe jamail?

Anonymous said...

Man, Joe Jamail sure is full of himself. But I'd love to have him represent me in a case if I s in trouble!

gern blansten

Anonymous said...

What church do you go to that allows you to side with athiests and cop killers?

Anonymous said...

North Korea only has something like 1200 IP addresses so basically one hacker could be responsible.

Anonymous said...

With the foxes guarding the hen houses, I'm surprised the Dow is not at 28,000. Keep those printing presses humming and the free money coming!!!!

Anonymous said...

Darnell Dockett?

Anonymous said...

If I'm obese but refuse to deal with my sin can I be in the choir?

If I'm obese and everyone in my church knows that I struggle with my sin and I'm trying to overcome it can I be in the choir?

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention the national debt is now over 18 trillion. A much more important number than the Dow 30 stock level.

That is 30 hand picked stocks. How many americans own those stocks? Not too many. Less than 50% of US residents own any stocks at all.

Stocks are expensive right now, because the bond market has been crap. The Fed has kept interest rates artificially low, lending to the US gov, buying T-bills. The stock market is the only liquid investment market in town. A supply and demand Ponzi scheme.

And yet the median household income has dropped by almost $5000. Which do you think matters more?

This country needs a lot more economic intelligence. I suppose none of it is being taught in pre secondary education. People cannot even understand a simple real estate contract these days.

whisky O said...

And the debt north of 18 trillion,
screw the grand kids as long as we have ours now.

Anonymous said...

Skippy's got to be a Methodist.

I'd like an accounting of the IRS.

Anonymous said...

9:47 a.m. is correct.

And further, POTUS keeps printing money to pump into the Stock Market to keep it high.

For a guy as smart as you are, I can't understand why this economic fact escapes you time and again.

Anonymous said...

The Salvation Army? A new low for you Green. You are full of hate and cynicism.
Or did I just fall for your troll tactics. If that is the case, my new years resolution may have to be to steer clear of this blog. And I've been attending this blog each day for about 6 years. Good discussions are fun and educational. But trolling for arguments by the blog owner, just childish.

Katy Anders said...

I have a Salvation Army story and I'm going to type it out because it's a slow day at work.

A few years back, a nonprofit law office I worked at had a client who was denied entry into a program at the Salvation Army because he was HIV-positive.

We thought he probably misunderstood, so the attorneys sent out a letter saying, basically, "What gives?"

The response was a letter stating that yes, they had denied him services because he not only sick, but also gay. It stated they were first and foremost a religion and essentially could do whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted. It indicated that our lukewarm inquiry letter was being referred to the state bar. And it was signed by no fewer than 18 people: "Commander and Mrs. X, General and Mrs. Y, Lt. and Mrs. Z."

They're pretty awful. However, since they exist pretty much exclusively on private donations, there isn't likely to be "an accounting." Private donations of their kind don't even have to be provided on the public inspection copies of a nonprofit's 990.

Anonymous said...

Check your Bible for answers, Barry.
Proverbs 28:25 "....but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat."

The only good thing about an atheist is that God believes he or she exists.

Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Lacasey vaught's dad?

The Salvation Army provides for millions of poor people.

Just like a gay atheist to attack that organization.

Anonymous said...

Of course Barry wants to destroy the Salvation Army. He wants the world to burn.

Anonymous said...

RE: Today's RTGs

Double bogey

Double Fake Jordan Spieth

Anonymous said...

Funny how atheists and those that want to keep religion out of government don't seem to mind getting a couple of paid days off for Christmas.