Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Let me tell you something: It was crazy cold yesterday afternoon with the wind chill. And for some reason, I thought about high school football teams practicing for the playoffs. 
  • I'm borderline sick. But I swear by Advil Cold & Sinus even though the government makes me show my driver's license to purchase it. I always want to ask the pharmacist, "So how many of these do I need to make a nice batch of meth?"
  • The Junior In The House doesn't ask me for much. But last night, with her mother not around, she sheepishly came to me and said: "Uh, I have to build a catapult for Physics and it is due on Friday morning."  I would love to have a photo of us as we looked at each other in silence for the next few seconds. She runs off and comes back with the project rules: No springs. No rubber bands. Just wood and weights. She'll have three chances to hit a target five feet away. As far as I was concerned at that moment, the competition might as well have been: "Build a nuclear weapon."  
  • But, I'll be dang, with the help of the Internets and Home Depot, we built one last night (with the exception of that critical aspect of actually testing it.)  The only thing that's left is coming up with the proper weight and proper projectile to land five feet away. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Odd not-Bob Vila moment for me to Mrs. LL: "I've got to go buy so wood clamps." Her: "We have wood clamps." 
  • There's news that there is another Cold War starting between the U.S. and Russia. I support that because that is not a "war" in any stretch of the imagination. It's peacetime. 
  • Tom Craddick, Texas House rep, was on the The Mark Davis Show yesterday advocating a cell phone texting ban. He actually used the mindless phrase, "If it saves one life . . . ." And I'll be dang, Davis told him how dumb that phrase was and he didn't even fight back. 
  • Reports are that President Obama is about to take executive action on immigration. [I'm sitting back, smiling, got my popcorn ready.]
  • Sports: (1) I'd be scared to pay Dez Bryant big money. He's great. He's competitive. But he's stupid. And that stupid thing scares me. (2) The Troy Aikman segment on The Ticket is a snoozefest. (3) UT QB Tyrone Swoopes isn't great but he's a heck of a lot better than I thought he would be. (4) It doesn't bother me that Intoxication Manslaughter convict Josh Brent is back on the Cowboys. (5) Other Ticket thought: I agree with Junior Miller on almost everything, but his views on criminal justice are Nancy Grace-like. 
  • Fox News: "Kim Kardashian's full-frontal pics hit the web." I expected to see a condemnation of this sin and anti-family values conduct from that fine conservative site. Instead, I got NSFW links. I guess they wanted their readers to decide. 
  • Oh, come on. That photo on the front page? They have to be doing a bit to recreate this famous photo.