Let's Create More Crime (Episode 1,245)

You know, I linked to this story today in Random Thoughts but hardly even read it. A buddy at the courthouse pointed out to me the insanity of the whole thing so I went back and checked it out.

So a guy brags about being a Navy Seal, cops get pissed off when they find out it is a lie (even though he is a veteran)  and is then invited to a gun store by the cops where he is given a gun and then arrested for accepting the gun?  You kidding me? Who cares if he walks around a lies about being a Seal?

If Sheriff Larry Fowler is the mastermind behind this great sting, Sheriff Fowler needs more things to do. And needs to retire.

Edit: Some of you guys might want to check out United States v. Alvarez.  (Trying to bypass it by giving someone a gun probably isn't going to cut it.)