Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I had the house to myself of Saturday. I cleaned out the refrigerator (including taking out shelves and drawers and washing them), mowed the lawn (for the final time), cleaned out the top shelf of my side of the closet, did touch up painting in the kitchen and the living room, and went and bought flannel sheets (washed them and put them on the bed). And that was all before 1:00 p.m. And then I did nothing the rest of the weekend.
  • I'll never buy another refrigerator with a stainless steel front. Or at least I won't buy one while kids are still in the house. What a mess.
  • I always have mixed emotions when I see the A/C guy show up at a neighbor's house. Sad for him. Glad it is not me. 
  • I thought Brittany Maynard, the "death with dignity" gal, was beginning to have second thoughts about ending her life. But she did it yesterday.  What a horrible story all the way around. 
  • If you want to see the BagOfNothing guy in drag (and who doesn't), check out this morning's blog. Hey, buddy, throw on a bikini and stand by a body of water and I'll make you tomorrow's Random Thought Girl.
  • Baylor allowed Greg Abbott to do the coin toss for the game on Saturday. Might as well have been an official endorsement. And he was at the Texas NASCAR race yesterday.  (But I'm not sure why he is campaigning in places where he already has 99% of the vote.) 
  • Bad Austin cops.
  • Sports: (1) College football is a razor thin game. If TCU misses that field goal at WVU, they are out of the top ten and and become an afterthought. He makes it and now everyone argues whether they should be in the top four. (2) That TCU/WVU game was a carbon copy of the Baylor/WVU game: WVU turning the ball over left and right without being harmed, going conservative in the fourth quarter, and still staying ahead. Except TCU was able to execute at the end. (3) Tony Romo's injury is exactly the same as Baylor's Bryce Petty earlier in the year. Petty missed one game. But there is something still not right about him. (4) Bet the house: OU is a 4 point favorite over Baylor. Take the Sooners. And I'm going to make that a triple play.  (5) Last year I fulfilled my promise of not watching one second of a Mavericks game. The same rule is in effect this year.  (6) Observation regarding the brawl between drivers and crew after the Texas NASCAR race: They fight like girls. (7) Ole Miss has to be reeling: Lose your best receiver and the game on your final play. (8) "Seventh-grader commits to play basketball for UT"
  • Low unemployment, no inflation, stock market at all time high, home sales booming. Blame the socialist Democrats. 
  • I knew the guy mentioned in the first paragraph of the Update. Worked for James Wood. Well liked. 
  • Associated Press story: "Border Patrol agents can stop and search vehicles without a warrant within 100 miles from the border." I had never heard that in my life, but it is in fact a federal statute. A statute which is clearly unconstitutional 
  • Another example of that goofy Texas Supreme Court judge on Twitter. 
  • I've got no control over the word verification for comments. Blame Google which cares very little about its blogger platform. 
  • After last week's rocket crash, I wrote that maybe the private sector isn't as good in space travel as the government. Someone commented that the private sector had never had a death in that endeavor. On Friday, it became one death for the private sector. Way to go.
  • Over the weekend, I had my "school dream" and dreamed I was the coach of a football team on camels.