Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Marshall ISD has banned tackle football for the 7th Grade. So it begins?
  • Mark Cuban gave another press conference while he was on the Stairmaster yesterday. How he isn't smart enough to know how embarrassing that looks is amazing.
  • The Republicans shouldn't worry about taking the Senate today. The Republicans should worry about the future if they can't take the Senate today.  If they don't, my long term prediction of "It's Demographics, People" has officially taken hold.
  • But LiberallyLean.com, based upon my own personal exit polls, has just projected Greg Abbott the winner in the governor's race. [Insert fanfare, a Texas flag, an eagle, and a cowboy here.]
  • On The Ticket's Hardline yesterday, all three guys (who are 45 years of age or older) did not know what time the polls close.
  • In of all the good economic news I put in a bullet point yesterday, I forgot to mention gas prices around $2.60.  (But I'm sure that number is the product of cooking the books and you have to pay more if you really knew what was going on.)
  • "Special prosecutors are claiming that Texas Gov. Rick Perry should not be given access to a grand jury transcript, citing 'concern' of retaliation against witnesses." Here's a little advice for the special prosecutors: Turn it over. You come across as unethical and scared little girls trying to conduct a witch hunt. 
  • Had an out-of-town lawyer come up to me and another Decatur lawyer in the courtroom during felony docket the other day and ask, "Could you point the prosecutors out for me?" I'd hate to tell his client, but that's not a good start. 
  • I watched a little bit of The Voice last night to watch Reagan James (she's from Burleson and the daughter of the former producer of the Mark Davis radio show.) She's great. But I think it was wierd that momma, who is smart, tweeted afterwards "If you could all spare $1.29 to buy my daughter's single [and] make her dreams come true that would be lovely. https://itun.es/us/Fp5U3  #TheVoice."  A note of encouragement wouldn't "make her dreams come true"? You have to monetize it? (Trust me, they ain't hurting for money.)
  • My prediction of the Cowboys winning less than eight games is still intact. But, man, if it came to fruition, we'd have the greatest meltdown in Cowboys history. And I talked to a guy in the courthouse yesterday who actually bet the Cowboys would win eight or more and he was very nervous. 
  • It's 23 days until Thanksgiving. It's 51 days until Christmas.
  • Remember all the ongoing court fights over Voter ID? Guess the number of official "voter ID" cards that Texas has issued? If you chose 340 you would be correct.
  • Motorcycle death in Fort Worth. Motorcycle death near DFW airport.
  • It really is Idiocracy when an endorsement by Chuck Norris actually has an impact . . .