Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • If the Republican controlled Congress' first piece of business is to "repeal Obamacare" (legislation which will be vetoed) we'll know what they think about you. It's just a dog and pony show. 
  • I had a bullet point here about the Navy Seal who is trying to get publicity, but bagofnothing beat me to it. Old man thought: Does the younger generation thinks it is starring in its own movie?
  • Speaking of, BagofNothing wrote today that his neighbor is in great shape and busty. I post pics of Random Thought Girls and he lives by one of them? No justice.
  • The morning show on The Ticket has been in England all week and I sooooo want to go there. But I would want a personal guide. There has to be an informal service for that, right? Kinda like Uber except for sightseeing. Or just some twenty/thirty-something willing to show you around but not costing an arm and a leg. Heck, that would seem to be viable in large American cities as well. 
  • "If you ever quote anything I say on the blog, you have to give me a cool fake name!" -- Courthouse employee yesterday. 
  • I oftentimes pack a TV dinner in my briefcase for lunch. The Junior In The House discovered that for the first time yesterday when she got up early to make sure he car would start after "Car Battery Chaos 2014".  "You use that as a lunchbox!!!!" she said. "I thought you used it for important business papers!" It was like I had been defrauding her for years.
  • By the way, the problem was the battery and not the alternator.
  • Special note for Wordkyle: Breaking news -- unemployment is down to 5.8%
  • This is the biggest game in memory for TCU (and much larger than that fraud of a game in the 2010 Rose Bowl year when they played Utah. Utah ended up with three losses.) And I think they'll win, but I wouldn't bet on it.  That Thanksgiving game against the Evil Empire might be an ambush. Edit: Hey, goofball. Did I say they played Utah in the Rose Bowl? The Utah game was the only "big game" in that Rose Bowl regular season. 
  • A Wise County SO investigator posted a pic because he "got lucky" yesterday. (Credit to Mrs. LL for finding this one. She might have said, "There's a lot going on there.") 
  • Rick Perry's lawyers are attacking whether the special prosecutors properly took the oath of office. Hey, I think that prosecution is silly (too many prosecutors in this world) but that defense tactic is a time waste. If they are right, it takes two minutes to fix it. Get on with the fight.
  • Legal stuff: The Fort Worth Court of Appeals, in an opinion issued yesterday, dogged someone for filing a 2 1/2 page brief. Looking up the case, the attorney listed for the person who got dogged is a former justice on that court of appeals. Something doesn't seem right.
  • The funeral for Jesus Saldana, the subject of a bullet point yesterday, is not listed in today's Update.
  • High school football team executes the ol' "bounce pass" play. I promise I thought about that play last week, and I looked without success for black and white footage of it used successfuly in the Cotton Bowl. (At least I think it was the Cotton Bowl. As I remember it, the receiver took three or four steps in fake disgust before launching the pass. Some of you old-timers help me out on this.)  Edit: Thanks. It was aTm vs. UT in 1965
  • There was a high profile kidnapping in the news this last week which was solved, in part, because the kidnapper had a GPS device installed in his car by a car dealer so the car could be found and repo'd if he defaulted on the note. Apparently he had bad credit among other flaws.
  • You think we'd see a rise in divorces because of technology. Between spycams, spyware, cell phones, and hidden GPS devices, no one can get away with having an affair, can they?