Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • That Bryan Cranston/Julia Louis-Dreyfus kiss at The Emmy's when compared to the kiss they shared on Seinfeld: Oh, my.
  • When I was a kid, I was lucky if there were two college football games on TV every weekend. There are almost 650 regular season games set for this college football television season.
  • There's a "cop watch" group in the metroplex which videos any cop when he makes a traffic stop. Absolutely 100% legal, by the way -- so long as you don't interfere. (But Fox 4, where I learned of the story, interviewed a "former police chief of Cockrell Hill and a law enforcement expert" about the group. If I wanted to hold myself out as a law enforcement "expert", history tells me you don't want the corruption plagued Cockrell Hill Police Department on your resume.)
  • The Collin County grand jury is meeting on the possible murder case against Frisco resident, and woman of Indian descent, Pallavi Dhawan (the case is the one about the kid who died of unknown causes and she didn't immediately call the police.) Look, grand juries don't meet about ONE CASE unless something is up. Unless the prosecutors are idiots (wouldn't rule that out over there), they are trying to convince them not to indict. If they were smart they would simply begin, "This case cannot be won at trial because any rational juror would have a reasonable doubt. And if the jury did convict, which they shouldn't under the law, the appellate court would throw it out." But the frightening thing is that her defense attorney has raised so much hell in the press that he's probably hacked some prosecutor off who now has the frightening attitude of, "I don't care if we lose, let's take a shot. Indict her." 
  • I could teach a law school course based upon that last bullet point alone. (Criminal law, criminal procedure, appellate law, and ethics are all involved.)
  • The Junior In The House has always been in high school band. Sheesh, what a beating in time commitment she goes through. I had no idea. 
  • ESPN's College Game Day is in Sundance Square on Saturday morning. I might go to that. 
  • It looks like a Dallas cop shot someone last night. Man, Dallas police kill a lot of people. All justified, I'm sure.
  • As Labor Day approaches, have we ever had an official audit regarding all the money raised by the Jerry Lewis Telethons? 
  • And speaking of audits, where does the $7.5 million a year go that ESPN pays some group called Little League International for the rights to televise the Little League World Series?
  • Blew past Bill O'Reilly last night and he had some female radio talk show host on and asked her, "What would you specifically do to stop ISIS?"  You think anyone who works in the high levels of the Pentagon turned up the TV volume and thought, "Yes. Tell me. I need help."
  • "HBO's Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel will revisit the story of Nick Schuyler, the former University of South Florida football player and sole survivor of a 2009 accident that killed Schuyler's three fishing companions when their boat capsized in the Gulf of Mexico." Man, I watched it last night and it was fantastic. There's is a 100% chance I would have died. The story is going to be a movie which I'm excited about except that it will star The Rock. 
  • Goofy Granbury ISD and/or the constable's office has notified parents that a "uniformed deputy" will visit a student at his home or parent's workplace for an unexcused absence. 
  • A shooting instructor in Arizona was, for some reason, teaching a nine year old how to shoot an Uzi, and she ended up accidentally killing him. BagofNothing had the footage of the incident moments before the shooting.