Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The former Tarrant County judge and Wise County (short time) lawyer was finally mentioned in the Star-Telegram
  • Those old Index posts are good stuff right? I get some online criticism but most people I talk to love them. 
  • "Thank you" and "I'm sorry" are powerful words. 
  • Sports radio has blown up about this Jerry Jones article. I haven't read it yet but they say it is insane. Since I'm not a fan of the NFL, I'd rather have a crazy and entertaining owner than a winning football team. 
  • Aggie thoughts on the win against #8 South Carolina: (1) Wow. (2) As a Baylor fan, I know what a fantastic offense looks like. That was a frighteningly good offense. (3) And that wasn't against Stephen F. Austin. That was South Carolina. At home. (4) South Carolina had won 18 consecutive home games. (5) South Carolina had won their season opener for the last 14 seasons. (6) QB Kenny Hill broke Johnny Football's all time Aggie passing yardage record. (7) There was no greater proof of how the Aggie offense could do whatever they wanted to more than that last drive. With 9:30 on the clock and at their own 19, the Aggie's decided to run down some clock since they had the game won. They went on an 18 play drive which ended with 40 seconds on the clock. Holy, cow.
  • Some conservative radio hosts yell, "We must eliminate ISIS!!"  How naive.  Like the poor, they will "always be with us."
  • If I were Jerry Jones, I'd make the last preseason game free. Just tell the season ticket holders that the game isn't included in the package (they won't care) and then just open up the gates. He'd  make a fortune in beer sales and parking alone. 
  • Speaking of, the chairman of the Republican party of Dallas County angrily proclaimed on twitter last night that there was no reason that parking should cost $60 at Cowboys Stadium. Two things: (1) Uh, capitalism and free market? and (2) He actually spent his time last night going to that game!
  • I have a stranger who emails me from time to time, and I have no doubt that it is law enforcement trying to bait me into having contact with a fake underage girl. And it's not generic. The emailer started the contact by referencing people I know in Wise County ("she" likes someone in the probation department). After I wasn't particularly chatty, "she" sent me a very inappropriate photo and then quickly followed up with, "I'm so sorry, I sent that to you by accident. Please delete it."  I ignored it. Yesterday, after months of inactivity, I received an email from that account with no text but  just a face pic of two females. One who is probably 20 and the other who is ambiguously younger. 
  • Woke up during the pouring rain storm last night. Loved it. I tried to stay awake just to listen but there's no way. 
  • I caught myself talking into the mirror last night and then thought, "Holy crap, I've turned into Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver!"
  • Aledo and Cedar Park play a high school football game at Baylor's new stadium tonight. I'm thinking about going. 
  • In the last five days, if you had owned Radio Shack stock, you would have doubled your money. It's gone from 70 cents to over $1.40. (Their are rumors someone is about to come in and bail the company out.) 
  • Several years ago I told a Jacksboro friend that there would be nothing more entertaining than to give up my felony docket and start a second blog that did nothing but focus on the Wise County DA's office, it's prosecutors, and how they handle their cases. If defense lawyers thought they had a case they were getting screwed on, they could tell me about it and I could do a post on that particular case. I still think about that.