Bridgeport Index 3/20/64

I'm giving up the chronological order and will just jump around on posting future issues.
  • Check out the expressions on the faces of those girls. It's like they were taken from a concentration camp and told to pose for the photo. Fantastic.  Take note of the cute girl in the scarf and the one with the glasses. And I love the one on the far left who is sending some message with here eyes. 
  • What is that "Big Wind from California" reference in connection with Jack Ruby at the end of Shootin' Blind?
  • Polio Serum. Wow. 
  • Burglars take money from funeral home but return it and leave it in the hearse. 
  • Bridgeport's track meet will include Lewisville, Frisco and Plano. And I bet those "towns" had just one high school back then.
  • I  never knew there was an "old Chevrolet building on Halsell street."