Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • "A father and two sons in Vermont were all arrested for separate DUIs as a result of only a single-car crash as two members of the Woodward family were three times the legal limit, according to Vermont State Police." 
  • Cowboy  Orlando Scandrick was suspended by the NFL for four games for testing positive for X? Yet Ray Rice gets suspended two games for beating his girlfriend unconsciousness? Stolen line: You beat up Molly you get two games, but if you take Molly you get four games. 
  • Still mind boggling: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was paid $44.2 million in 2012. And today in some NFL football camp, a 21 year old will have his football hopes dashed because his knee has been torn to shreds. They will pat him on the butt and send him on his way. 
  • Junior Miller on the Ticket this morning said that Jason Garrett's press conferences are "insulting". I couldn't agree more. I used to think he was very smart but cautious about his words. I no longer believe that. If he thinks we are actually buying the crap he throws out, he is incredibly shallow. (This rant was based upon Garrett saying that he was "excited" about Scandrick's suspension so that other guys could "step up.")
  • Lauren Bacall has died. Honestly, I really didn't know much about her work despite knowing that name all my life. But I was surprised to learn she was married to Jason Robards. Hot opinion: Robards was more accomplished than Bacall. 
  • Of course, now I can't get  "We had it all / Just like Bogie and Bacall" out of my head.  
  • "God prefers full custody over weekend visitation." - Sign on Decatur church. Then again, maybe he would settle for Wednesdays and every other weekend. 
  • I'd never noticed how similar the Marine seal is to the NRA seal
  • I really haven't followed the killing of unarmed black man by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri, but I heard this morning the police department isn't releasing the cop's name. You kidding me? 
  • Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow is horrible at picking subject matter (not to mention writing) but at least he took on the Texas "surcharge" law today. (He's only about five years too late.)
  • If a young Wise County politician were smart, he would begin recruiting the Hispanic vote as a Democrat. Listen to them. Learn about them. Register them. And then, one of these days, boom. You would win in shocking surprise a decade before it will become common place. 
  • A University of Texas law professor trips over an extension cord and sues the school claiming, in part, he could no longer play tennis due to an injured shoulder. Makes me want to beat him with a tennis racquet. So far, he's losing
  • I haven't read it yet, but the New York Times took on Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy. (I suppose there's no way they could sneak in, "Oh, a phong is ringing!")
  • Robin Williams hung himself but was found in a sitting position? Uh, is there something they aren't telling us?