The Campaign For DA


Government Out Of Control vs. Too Many Prosecutors vs. Politics


And this case involves the allegation of, essentially, bullying a Democrat DA who was convicted in the past year of DWI. It may have been justified. Maybe not. I have no idea. But this government vs. government crap is becoming more and more common.

You guys yell about Big Government? Do you not see what is happening? Do you know how much this will cost you, the taxpayer? Government just looking anywhere it can to create work to justify jobs -- especially government lawyers. State v. Tom DeLay (Democrat motivated), Kenneth Starr vs. Clinton. (Republican motivated). The U.S. vs. Microsoft. (Democrat motivated). It began in the 1990s and now it is so commonplace and no one blinks an eye.

The "special prosecutor" seems to be an idiot who will eventually have his arse handed to him in this deal. But you will pay for his fine services. And the Governor's first response on Friday evening came from his "general counsel". That's not a private lawyer but a government employee who you are paying for.