Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The FBI says that 80% of police officers are overweight. 
  • Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas says people crossing the border could have Ebola. I guess "could have" gives him lots of wiggle room, but that guy is crazy. 
  • Speaking of, that doctor who contracted Ebola is expected to be released from the hospital? An almost fatal disease turns out not to be? 
  • I really like Hard Knocks but now I'm watching it with the perspective that the NFL is just chewing up these guys for profit. 
  • It's not an earth shaking opinion, but the Fort Worth Court of Appeals has just affirmed a conviction for drugs out of Bridgeport. (It basically says that there was a probable lawyer screwup but, in the last footnote, said it wouldn't matter any way.) 
  • I blew past Nancy Grace last night but I could have sworn she took an anti-police position in the Ferguson, Missouri controversy. If she's against the police, the police are in trouble. 
  • And we will learn the cop's name this morning.
  • I'll wake up ten minutes before the alarm goes off and then debate whether to try to go back to sleep as I know the minutes are ticking down. But knowing the minutes are ticking down makes it difficult to go back to sleep. I hate those ten minutes. 
  • Yu Darvish is on the DL and there is talk of shutting him down for the year. Any chance he just doesn't want to pitch for a team 26 games back in 100 degree heat?
  • Uh, a kid in the Little League World Series is 13 years old, 6'4" and 229 pounds. 
  • Does no one understand the rules of a four way stop? I'll slow down and intentionally come to a stop later than another approaching driver so that there won't be any question that they have the right of way. But I'm constantly faced with someone who then stares at me with the "Do you want to go first or me?" look.
  • That Tony Stewart murder/not murder case will quietly go away. 
  • I don't watch Shark Week but a guy on The Ticket has been on a rant this week because one of the shows was a fake documentary that he believed to be real. 
  • I've thought about this, too: Driverless cars, like those Google is perfecting, would transform the legal criminal defense profession, law enforcement, and insurance industry. And by "transform" I mean "gut".