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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • James Brady's death has been ruled a "homicide". Not to start a rant about the arrogance of medical examiners but, in their defense,  there is a crazy "but for" rule in criminal law. That is, "but for" the bullet, Brady would still be alive. 
  • I rewatched American Hustle this weekend. Man, I may have underrated it. It has moments of brilliance. 
  • Kudos to whomever mentioned the current HBO Nixon documentary to me. It is fantastic. And the parallels between Iraq and Vietnam are shocking. 
  • And if you love that sort of stuff, watch the first three minutes of this video which shows him before he addresses the nation and resigns. I find it riveting. 
  • I'm pleased and and comforted that we haven't invaded a different country over the last six years. 
  • The Waggoner Ranch, with ties to Decatur, is for sell for almost three-quarters of a billion dollars.
  • What if Charles Whitman would have had drones deliver him food, water and ammunition? (Assuming he had been smart enough to lock the door.)
  • I didn't know there was a major league pitcher from Bowie
  • There was a "legal analyst" on ESPN yesterday talking about the Tony Stewart incident. He said, "the issue will be whether he intended to commit murder or manslaughter." Intent to commit manslaughter? By definition, manslaughter means a reckless killing? I sighed heavily. 
  • Football superstar Devonte Fields was kicked off of the TCU team, and he decided to transfer to Stephen F. Austin. But now a "committee" from the school has ruled that he can't play immediately and has to wait a year. How sorry is that? Let the kid get on with his life. And I have a sneaking suspicion that Gary Patterson is behind it. 
  • I got called out by the Texas Tribune on Friday for posting one of their photos without credit. I apologized and fixed it. 
  • Last night: Six dead in police chase near Houston
  • I listened to the It's Just Banter podcast this weekend (Ticket related) and they played some of the youtube videos of the guy behind the Jerry Jones hot-girl-pictures. That guy is mentally ill, and he needs help. Despite millions of people in the metroplex, we will just ignore him instead. 
  • Wise County had 12 people hurt in two accidents over the weekend? (And I'll admit I had never heard of "Fossil Pointe" before.)
  • That first Wendy Davis ad is fantastic. I'm guessing it might not set forth the legal issues involved, but it serves the point of landing a right hook.  She won't win, but at least she's fighting.