Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Who does that girl look like? She's the "spittin' image" of somebody but I can't place her. 
  • Random funny line from the radio about U2 this morning: Guy 1: "Bono likes Adam more than the others." Guy 2: "Where did you read that, Tiger Beat?"
  • The Family Pig experiment might be over. We have us, uh, a urine problem. Thankfully, I cut the very odd deal with the seller at the time of purchase: We don't want a refund but we can take him back at any time. 
  • "For more than two days, a runaway Texas teenager ate, slept and changed clothes undetected inside a 24-hour Wal-Mart near Dallas . . . ." That's the subject of a book, right? 
  • In one of the old Bridgeport Index covers uploaded to Facebook, there was an article about a man prosecuted for selling obscenity to a 17 year old. It wasn't a video. It wasn't a magazine. It was a book. The 1970s Wise County jury acquitted him which makes me think we were smarter back then. 
  • The BagOfNothing guy mentioned fireflies this morning. What the heck happened to them? When I was a kid they were everywhere.
  • The price of SeaWorld stock plummeted 33% yesterday. "The Orlando, Fla.-based company also conceded for the first time that attendance at its theme parks has been hurt by negative publicity concerning accusations by animal-rights activists that SeaWorld mistreats killer whales."
  • Front page of the Dallas Morning News: "[Greg] Abbott sided against other victims of sexual assault."
  • I tend to sleep in the fetal position and The Family Pup, for the last month, has slept right in the middle of it. Odd.
  • As crazy as Decatur can be, it has a shockingly stable city government. There are people who have held their jobs for over twenty five years without any complaints.
  • I'm not sure what the Ice Bucket Challenge is, but it looks dumb. Except when the USC Song Girls do it. 
  • I've been forced to see a bunch of Robin Williams' comedy routines over the last few days. I've said it before: He was a great actor but a horrible comedian. If you have to jump around and do voices you might be compensating for lack of substance. (Insert moment of silence.)