Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Had a buddy tell me yesterday there's a ride at Six Flags which still has the-pretty-much-banned-from-TV Speedy Gonzales character. He also told me that little kids today have no idea who the Looney Tunes characters are. 
  • For what seems to be about a year now, I've heard recorded bells and then music coming from the Wise County courthouse bell tower at the top of the hour. I'm pretty sure they sneak in a hymn every now and then. 
  • Those old flat wooden ice cream spoons were the equivalent of nails on a chalk board to me. 
  • "Deep seated" and not "deep seeded"?
  • I was reading an article about how executions are depicted in the movies and learned about The Execution of Mary Stuart which was made in 1895, is 18 seconds long, produced by Thomas Edison and is shocking. Yeah, I know it's not real but that grainy footage gives it a creepy feel. 
  • Rick Perry has been going around saying illegal aliens have caused 3,000 homicides in Texas in the last six years. That has to be a lie.
  • That tobacco/smoke shop that burned in Jeterville a couple of years back is still a mass of charred rubble with no effort having been made to clean it up. 
  • A 13 year old from Rhome is listed in the Update's obits today. Did  I miss a story on this?
  • Sen. John Cornyn has matured over the years.
  • It happens incredibly rarely, but I'll have brief moments of paranoia -- just a complete irrational fear about a subject. I can't imagine suffering from that on a routine basis.  
  • ESPN and, I think, every local TV station refused to report the Jerry Jones "story" about the photos yesterday. 
  • I mentioned a Greenville, Texas lawyer was arrested for murder a week or so ago, but amazingly the city will not release the arrest warrant affidavit to the media and is stalling by seeking an attorney general's opinion on the issue. That's ridiculous. That's clearly subject to an open records  request. 
  • I completely forgot about Hard Knocks last night. 
  • I watched some of Teen Jeopardy over the weekend. In some respects, it can be harder than the adult version when they fire off some category which is right in a teen's wheelhouse.