Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Pulp Fiction "pig talk" speech has been going through my head a lot lately. And the Family Pig now makes huge holes in the flower bed in order to make it a pig bed.
  • I always try to live with low expectations. Thank goodness.
  • I got in a silly Twitter fight on Friday night. A DPS lawyer mentioned it to me yesterday at a hearing yesterday since apparently she watched it go down. I had to use the phrase, "I'm very embarrased." But apparently she was highly entertained. 
  • James Brady died yesterday. About a year after his death he was shot, when I was still young but old enough to know better, I told an insensitive joke to my brother about him. I don't think I'll ever forget the disgust in my brother's face. I don't think I've ever told an insensitive joke since. [Ok, ok. I screwed that up originally.]
  • Someone made a great point yesterday in the comments about whether the restaurant "Pole Position" (formally Ricky Bobby's) would be sued by the 1980s video game manufacturer. I actually thought the same thing during my jog yesterday. (Note: I mentioned the name change yesterday and today there's a story about it in the Star-Telegram.)
  • We actually had two motorcycle deaths over the weekend. 
  • The "immigration crisis" has run it's course. It's time for a new crisis.
  • I listen to stuff while I jog that makes me happy. I'll be smiling so broadly that people smile back when I meet them because they know exactly that what is going into my ears must be really funny. Or they think I'm crazy.
  • I could listen to Jerry Jones talk all day long. It is so insane. 
  • I was at a Subway restaurant yesterday and there was some salesman at a table talking to a young couple. She was pregnant and the guy was really putting the sales pitch on strong, but I couldn't hear what he was trying to sell them. I so wanted to just pull up a chair to see if they were about to get ripped off. 
  • There seems to be a more than 50% chance that both Tony Romo and Tiger Woods are done.
  • Deadspin.com went after over-rated columnist Peter King yesterday.  I think the BagofNothing guy is a big fan. I went on a rant about King last year.