Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I was a little surprised that the doctor with Ebola would be transported back to the U.S. I was more surprised to see that he walked out of the back of an ambulance. 
  • On a recent episode Real Sports, there was a suggestion that Qatar would handle the heat of the World Cup games by having drowns support a giant flying tarp to block the sun on various stadiums. I don't know if it is true, but that's a great idea. 
  • Motorcycle death. (You know, there aren't as many reported as in the past years.)
  • There aren't two-a-days any longer?
  • The Ricky Bobby's restaurant in north Fort Worth which I successfully predicted would be sued because of copyright infringement has changed its name to Pole Position. 
  • I found the greatest little piece of Paradise (not the town) by a creek not far from my house yesterday.
  • Larry David's TV wife married Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.?
  • I'm worried about the The Family Pig's weight and size. I'm not sure that's a pot bellied pig. 
  • I had the best time on Saturday night cracking the door open and letting The Family Cat, Family Dog and Family Pig come and go as they please while I laid on the trampoline and looked at the stars. 
  • I took the Jung Typology Test over weekend. I'm not sure I understood the results, but the questions were fascinating. 
  • Israel continues its random bombings and killing children. If your surrounded by people who "want to kill you", I'm not sure that the way to win friends and influence people. 
  • I switched to a metal blade for my weedeater a couple of years ago. It may say a lot about me, but that may be the best decision I've made over the last two years. 
  • Honestly, I don't even know who basketball player Paul George is but his leg break over the weekend is the talk of sports. I didn't watch it. I never will.(I still haven't seen Joe Theismann's injury.)
  • Happy Birthday to Barack Hussein Obama II.
  • I reached out to an old friend over the weekend. Probably freaked him out. 
  • ESPNU has been running the "greatest" college football games of last year. Man, I knew about Aggie/Duke and Auburn/Georgia but had never seen them. Great stuff, indeed.