Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Horrible and weird: Moped rider death on I-35 in Fort Worth last night. (Picture.)
  • Someone caught a picture of some insane green and gold lighting being tested at the new Baylor Stadium last night. (And for Baylor fans only, take a look at this fun drill the receivers did yesterday.)
  • A bunch of reporters were taking pictures of Tiger Woods empty parking slot at the PGA Tournament before he showed up yesterday. One of the funniest tweets about it read, “Hey, Wang! What's with the pictures? It's a parking lot!”  Dated but funny.
  • Ann Coulter, in light of the doctor contracting Ebola on a mission trip, wrote a column asking why do Christians have to go to Africa at all when we've got enough problems in the U.S. She'll troll you, but that is at least thought provoking. 
  • Had three horrible dreams last night -- and I do mean shockingly horrible. And that doesn't include one where all my teeth broke and fell out. 
  • A Facebook friend posted a picture of the front page of the Bridgeport Index from 1971. One of the stories was the death of a seven year old named Robby Renner who had hit his head on the curb after a bicycle fall. I don't remember that at all, and there are a lot of Decatur names listed as relatives and pallbearers. Made me think about middle-agers who say, "We never wore bike helmets back in the day, and we did just fine."
  • Had no idea I was listening to music and bells from local churches. The sound bounces around crazily around the square. 
  • "WAGONER, Okla. — A public school teacher was arrested Monday after police say she showed up at school for her first day of work under the influence of alcohol and without her pants." Hey, cut her a break. Those in-service days are a beating. And pants make it that much worse. 
  • Dallas is thinking about implementing "sex offender free" zones, but Channel 8 had a great interview last night with a convicted sex offender about the issue. He basically pointed out that he did his prison time and satisfied all of his parole. Now he can't get a job anywhere and Dallas is going to make it tougher to just find a place to live. His crime: At age 21, he had sex with a 16 year old.
  • Had quite a few people send me the footage of "Karma, the surfboarding pig." Our pig still has trouble with non-carpeted floors. 
  • Jerry Jones' son picks up gals on the Sunset Strip and takes them to the Cowboys party bus. (I saw Fox Sports' Jay Glazer in the beginning getting out and I'd love to have a roster of who else was on there.) The New York Post is a couple of days behind . . .