Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Luis Suárez, the soccer player that keeps biting other players, has to have a screw loose.
  • "Young Marlins Fan Gets On Camera, Completely Loses His Mind." Well, that was uncomfortable. (Expand the comments where people compare him to the "bat boy".)
  • Mrs. LL had her eyebrows "done" yesterday and she was still complaining of perceived third degree burns as she was going to bed last night. She said she knew there was a problem when that wax was first applied. 
  • I've jumped back into House of Cards.
  • Want to see a dance video involving one of the largest law firms in the state? Trust me, that's the only fun that office will see all year. And from the dance moves, it's obvious most of those people have never had any fun at all.
  • As the horrible news of the 17 year old who died in a Colleyville house fire appeared on the news last night, I said out loud, "That's why we have fire detectors." The Sixth Grader To Be In The House then asked why we didn't have them in the kitchen. I'll be dang. We don't have smoke detectors in the kitchen. 
  • Ticket Fans : (1) This morning, Gordon Keith told the story about the Texas cop saving the woman from the oncoming train but Junior interrupted and said, "Was there any way Snidely Whiplash had tied her to the tracks?" Either he stole that from me or we both have horrible senses of humor. (2) The Fake Tiger Woods said he was born in a barn in Wise County yesterday. 
  • I fixed the garbage disposal last night, then accidentally ripped the electrical source out, and then quickly fixed that blunder. I told Mrs. LL that I'm getting dumber and smarter as I get older. I'm experiencing extremes of both. 
  • I got my emergency burner phone yesterday. It cost $19.95 and is a flip phone. The first instruction was to insert the SIM card. I couldn't figure it out. 
  • It's the 30 year anniversary of the release of Purple Rain. I really don't care about the album but that's a heck of a long time. 
  • The Tea Party got slapped down in Mississippi and Oklahoma last night.  As for Mississippi, talk show host Mark Davis blamed Jacksonville Democrats for voting in the Republican primary. Specifically, black Jackson Democrats.