Bull vs. Man Part XX

Jose Tomas, one of Spain's most famous matadors, was gored after turning his back on what he thought was a vanquished animal during a bullfight. This is the shocking moment that shows why you should never turn your back on a bull.

The Spanish matador was gored and thrown in the air three times after thinking he had defeated his beefy opponent in Granada.

Jose Tomas, 38, then played dead while his assistants raced into the ring to drag him to safety.

Amazingly, the veteran bull-fighter returned to finish the job and kill the 1,100lb animal -- before being rushed to hospital with a broken rib.
Other matadors weren't so lucky - last year Spaniard El Cordobes was gored when a huge black bull turned on him without warning.

You know I hate bull fighting, and I love it when a matador gets it from the business end of a bull. But I wasn't going to post this video until I confirmed that the matador wasn't killed so I checked the youtube description. He came back to kill the bull? You gotta be kidding me. Now I almost don't want to post it because the matador survived.

(Side note: That's a great public service announcement buried in the description. The video is proof "why you should never turn your back on a bull."  Thanks, chief. I need to be reminded of that from time to time.)