Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched the documentary How To Make Money Selling Drugs over the weekend, and it was basically an anti Drug War film with nothing new to offer. But it did have this gem: We've cut cigarette use by regulation, taxation, limitations on advertising, and a bombardment of public service announcements and warnings. Now what would happen if we just simply outlawed them? Use would explode and a massive black market would be created.
  • I was able to watch the soon to be Sophomore In The House play a softball game online on Saturday night. They even had a play by play guy who, surprisingly, was really good. (But at the end of the game I was disturbed to see Mrs. LL and that kid do The Wobble).
  • "For the 12th time in 13 years, the Wise County Messenger has been judged the best large semiweekly newspaper in the state of Texas." Hey, I like the Messenger but I ask this every year: How many semiweekly newspapers in Texas are there?
  • Walking a dog who is always pulling on the leash is a beating. Lighten up and relax you moron dog!
  • That USA/Portugal game yesterday was some high entertainment. 
  • As a soccer novice, the fact that they can kick a ball and have it curve/bend it is amazing. (And I haven't just figured out they can do that. That was when I saw the title Bend It Like Beckham)
  • After the last World Cup game ends every day (around 7:00) they cut to the outdoor studio where it is dark. I was confused at first because Brazil is basically in our same time zone. Then it dawned on me: It's that tilted Earth thing!!!
  • Hope Solo got arrested for domestic violence over the weekend. I've wondered about her since she showed up to a Newsweek interview one morning drinking mimosas. (And I also learned this weekend that her current husband were arrested the day before their wedding for allegedly assaulting her. They got married any way.)
  • When I was watching the weather on Fox 4 last night they showed a graphic of local "weather watchers" reporting rainfall. One guy in Granbury reported over seven inches of rain. I called him a liar right to his TV face. Upon further review, I think I owe him an apology. 
  • I've heard the construction of the big house north of Bridgeport (Cuban's sister?) is coming along. 
  • An off duty Arlington officer killed a man in a Pappadeaux parking lot? Pappadeaux's???
  • Augie Garrido, the University of Texas baseball coach, looks like he drinks a lot. And even if that's true, it hasn't impacted his ability to coach. 
  • Isaiah Austin played for Baylor basketball last year and got everyone's attention when it was revealed he only had one eye. He got slapped again by life this weekend when it was revealed that his potential NBA career was over in that he has been diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. He almost immediately granted an interview to ESPN and it was heart-breaking
  • I think I convinced Mrs. LL that The Wire is pretty great. 
  • So the USA and Germany play each other on Thursday and both teams can advance with a tie? Is there anything illegal about cutting a deal for 0-0 tie?