Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Johnny Football was hitting the clubs again this weekend. Hey, Now. (One of those gals was with Justin Beiber when he got busted for drag racing.)
  • This American Life had a great episode this week on Asa Carter -- the writer who penned George Wallace's "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever" speech. He would later change his name and write The Rebel Outlaw: Josey Wales and The Education of Little Tree. (Ticket fans: Based upon the way the guy sounds in audio recordings, the fact that his early career in radio,  and the fact that he was a racist from the South, I wonder if he's the basis of Gordon Keith's Ed Carter character.)
  • I can post a picture of a puppy and someone will take a shot at the President within five comments. That's just weird.
  • Whoa: There has not been an indoor mall built in America since 2006.
  • "The American Bar Association says it's ethical for lawyers to scour online for publicly available musings of citizens called for jury service . . . . " So anyone can look up public information about another person online? Duh.
  • I was too beaten down to even mention my yesterday morning: Couldn't find an umbrella. Couldn't find my keys. And when I did I went outside to find that I had left my window cracked during the rainstorm and was facing a soak interior. It was such a bad start to a Monday that I could only laugh. 
  • Cowboy fans might be familiar with Mrs. Price, a very loud lady who still attends every Dallas Cowboys training camp.  Last night, a picture went out which showed her in the stands of the 1981 Dallas at San Francisco NFC Championship game. 
  • Did you know we will no longer have vehicle inspection stickers? Instead, we will have to have the vehicle pass inspection 90 days before your registration is up.  And you can't renew registration unless the State has received notice of a passed inspection. (Explained here in a horribly written article.)
  • I showed Mrs. LL this picture of a dog last night and said, "Look. That dog is feeling melancholy!" I'm not quite sure I've ever seen her shake her head at me like that.
  • SMU will start selling beer at football games (after selling it at basketball games last season turned out to be a success.) The Evil Empire is even considering it. I never thought I'd see that. 
  • Official Liberally Lean MLB Player Man Chris Davis hit a walk off home run last night and then used his helmet as a bowling ball as he reached home plate. 
  • A few weeks back the body of a Fort Worth "executive" was found dead in East Texas. Based upon a story today in the Star-Telegram, he had answered an escort service ad, went to her apartment in the Hulen area, and was met by the hooker and, much to his surprise, her shotgun toting friend.