Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched part of The Sixties series currently running on CNN. Not bad. One interesting advertising bit was that Allstate ran a commercial from the 60s in a commercial break completely unedited. 
  • There was a scene of JFK giving a commencement speech at American University after the Cuban Missile Crisis which made me wonder why I never hear about American University. 
  • One of the little considered aspect of this Bergdahl story is that the Taliban kept their word to release him. 
  • The author of the big Fox News report about Bergdahl was on the crazy Mark Levin radio show yesterday and was incredibly reasonable. He said there were still a lot of questions as to why Bergdahl left the base and pointed out that it cannot be ruled out the that the soldier fell victim to the Stockholm Syndrome while in captivity.
  • The Feds went after the Gas Pipe for selling their own home brewed K2, but it comes across of more of a money grab with all the property and bank account seizures.
  • How does the a/c go out in San Antonio during the NBA finals last night? They just have one unit in that place? (Before the Speaks Volumes guy jumps me, that's a joke.)
  • And in the first weekend of football season, high school and college teams will be playing and practicing in 100+ temps.
  • In case you missed it, LeBron had to be carried to the bench because of cramps. That gave rise to the running joke of people "LeBroning" last night. 
  • "For not being a people person, I deal with a lot of people." - Me to Mrs. LL last night.
  • I left early yesterday morning and kissed Mrs. LL goodbye as she was still sleeping. She then said, "I don't want to go to school." I thought she was doing a bit. I later learned she was dreaming.
  • The DirecTV "puppet wife" ad is bizarre.
  • When President Obama took office, the stock market was at 7,949. Yesterday it closed at 16,870. That is simply phenomenal.  Oh, and the unemployment number was just released and it remains at a healthy 6.3%.
  • I don't think all drugs should have been legalized, but pot and ecstasy need to be. Meth does not. Cocaine probably. Heroin probably not. (Ticket Fans: Gordon Keith said this week that X at least needs to be medically available for cancer patients, and, not jokingly, couples therapy. Which gave rise to the funny George Dunham line of: "What are they going to do then? Dance together?")
  • You know it was a slow news day yesterday when the Update leads with a weather forecast for Sunday when there is just a 60% chance for rain.
  •  "A North Texas husband and wife have died when their vehicles collided head-on near where both work." (Via BagOfNothing) That was just totally accidental?
  • It's not a significant opinion, but the Fort Worth Court of Appeals examined yesterday whether a Wise County deputy adequately informed a defendant of his Miranda rights. 
  • The Now-Ex-5th-Grader-In-The-House asked me yesterday what D-Day was. I think I did a pretty good job of explaining it. Then she asked me what "D-Day stood for." I've got to admit, that through threw me for a loop.