Is This Real Life?

A Florida TV station has posted a bizarre and disturbing video that appears to show a county judge berating a public defender in an unbelievably unprofessional manner.

Judge John Murphy apparently grew agitated after public defender Andrew Weinstock refused to waive his client's right to a speedy trial, Florida Today reported. 

"You know, if I had a rock I would throw it at you right now," a voice that WTV.com identifies as Murphy says. "Stop pissing me off. Just sit down."

Then Murphy reportedly said to veteran public defender Andrew Weinstock, "If you want to fight, let's go out back and I'll just beat your ass."

The two men then left the courtroom, but their scuffle can be heard on the video. Source.

I don't know. Something is just weird about this. Then again, if I were a public defender it would be like having your emotions rigged to a hair trigger every day.