Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • We had a wrong way driver on Loop 12 in Irving yesterday and a wrong way driver on 820 and Marine Creek in Fort Worth early this morning.
  • I have no idea if the guy is credible, but Fox 4 had a story of an off duty Dallas policeman trying to assist two people trapped in a burning car but, when asking for help from bystanders, many were just recording the event with cellphones. Based upon the photo and video of the aftermath, that guy saw a horrific scene. 
  • The Messenger printed four Letters to the Editor today criticizing them for their positive coverage of J.D. Clark. (Ironically, his name is also mentioned in a front page story.)
  • I also saw an ad for a gun raffle in Decatur at the Wise County Fairgrounds where 25 guns will be awarded after you spend $50 for a chance to win one.  People in the northeast would freak out about that. 
  • The Aggies dismissed two defensive football starters yesterday after marijuana/robbery arrests. And that defense was suspect even before that.
  • I heard on the radio that the character of Hector (the old man with the bell) on Breaking Bad was also in Scarface, so I checked him out. I found out that guy has been in everything. (Ticket fans: I actually heard that while listening to an old podcast of Corby talking about how he attended a wedding in Albuquerque at the actual house where the poisoning of the cartel took place at the pool. That would have been cool.)
  • I've noticed that over the last two months when I jog or walk around the neighborhood complete strangers now make eye contact and say hi.  I feel like I'm in The Truman Show.
  • "Taliban Video Shows the Moment Bowe Bergdahl Was Released". That whole exchange is weird and doesn't make a lot of sense. And the good news for Republicans is that it's easy to understand. I saw someone brilliantly describe the story as Republican crack "and they are going to hit the pipe hard." 
  • I always thought Qatar was pronounced "KAY-tar" but I keep hearing "cutter". 
  • The Texas GOP Convention in Fort Worth isn't allowing those Open Carry guys inside.
  • I watched some of the "child abuse trial" going on in Decatur. It'll be over today and then I'll tell you why I think it was just a little odd. 
  • There's a complicated story of an Arlington woman claiming she was cheated out of her share of the royalties for the publication of Fifty Shades of Grey. I was just stunned to see the sentence where Random House has paid out over $95 million in royalties for that silly book. (I've put more effort in writing Random Thoughts and finding Random Thought girls.)
  • They've just announced an arrest in the "three women slain" case . . .