War On Drugs: Alabama

This video epitomizes the War on Drugs. A round-up of 63 poor and penny-ante drug users. I'm telling you, this silliness keeps cops, jail personnel, prosecutors, defense lawyers and judges in business.

I love the elderly lady at the end of the video. She's lived there close to fifty years and didn't realize it was "that bad." Translated: She's lived there 50 years and all of these 63 Pablo Escobars haven't impacted her one bit.

There has to be a better way. (By the way, I didn't see one guy who was a crackhead who got 'holt of the wrong stuff and thought he was a leprechaun.)

But I love the guy at the :41 mark. "I'm innocent. Roll Tide." An Alabama jury will cut him loose simply for that moment.