And Another (Incredible) Reason To Hate The NFL

Ray Rice was accused of knocking his wife senseless but avoided jail time this week in a plea deal. The Baltimore Ravens decided to get his inevitable "press conference" out of the way by holding it on the Friday afternoon before a three day weekend -- a time and place where news goes to die.

He (and his wife!) made a couple of unbelievable statements, but the insane part is that the official Baltimore Ravens twitter account quoted those statements and sent them out. Deadspin is all over it. (Language warning.)

I saw someone say that Rice will probably get a three day suspension for beating his wife. The Brown's Josh Gordon faces a sixteen game suspension for smoking weed. Yep, that's the NFL value system (that they probably formulated while burying concussion reports and ignoring teams doping up players with Vicodin to get them on the field.)