Sic 'Em, uh, Hook 'Em, uh Go Bulls!

MADRID –  Spanish bulls have scored a symbolic victory at Madrid's prestigious Las Ventas ring by injuring three matadors and forcing organizers to call off the bullfight.

The fight, the 12th of the famed San Isidro festival, was stopped late Tuesday after bulls gored two matadors and tossed a third one into the air.

Las Ventas said it was the first time in 35 years that a fight was stopped at the ring due to matador injuries.

The first torero, David Mora, was still being treated in a Madrid hospital Wednesday but was said to be out of danger. The other two bullfighters were expected to be released from the hospital later.


I hope one these bulls at least looked at the crowd afterwards and thought, "Are you not entertained?!!"

And maybe the bulls are just sending a little message that the Running of the Bulls this year might be a little different. After years of seeing their ancestors toyed with and slaughtered, it's revenge time. (Not a bad movie idea. Dibbs.)