Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • For two days in a row, Mrs. LL was able to find the owner of a lost dog that she had found who didn't have dog tags. (One odd thing we've noticed since we have experience in this: The vast majority of owners are appreciative but not ecstatic once they are reunited with their pup.) 
  • A Texas federal magistrate makes it a condition of bond that a defendant write a letter to the editor apologizing to the DEA? And prosecutors want Facebook pictures taken down of DEA inflicted injuries before they agree to a bond for her sister? What the heck is going on?
  • Mark Cuban thoughts coming up . . . 
  • Cuban is not a racist, but if the guy didn't think his comment (that he would go to the other side of the street just because it's late and a black guy wearing a hoodie is approaching and nothing more.) wouldn't blow up, he may think more of his opinions than even I believed he did. And I didn't think that was possible. He didn't say he would be scared of a black guy with Crips' or Bloods' tattoos or looking angry at him or acting menacing or talking crazy. No, all it took was: (1) Late night (2) Black guy (3) Wearing a hoodie.
  • And how can he be so dumb as to talk about race during this NBA Donald Sterling crisis? What else does he want to give a hot sports opinion about? Abortion? Politics? Religion? And to use the term "hoodie" in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case is insane.  He voluntarily created this controversy because, once again, he thinks he is The Smartest Guy In The Room -- even in the complicated area of race relations.
  • Ticket fans only: It was stunning that Ticket hosts were so slow to realize that it was that one line that was causing the controversy. His statement's taken as a whole were fine, but that's a shocking one line.  Dan McDowell was clueless. Corby Davidson was, to no one's surprise, even more clueless or maybe just a predictable Cuban apologist. However, producer Jake Kemp told them what the issue was and was ignored. Donovan Lewis, the only black on air guy they have, told them that's what the problem was but to no avail.  Man, I can be an idiot, but I saw the storm coming yesterday morning when I first heard about it.
  • I think that at the heart of most of my favorite movies is a guy who contemplates how to solve a problem on his own instead of consulting with others. I'm going to see if I can prove that theory.
  • Early GOP voting in Texas: 2014: 55%, 2012: 47%, 2010: 38%.  Patrick is going to crush Dewhurst. 
  • Mrs. LL went to a painting class last night where everyone used a template and painted a rooster. I'm as confused as you are. (But it was pretty good painting.)
  • Whenever I walk out of the office before a three day weekend or a vacation, I always say to myself, "Remember this moment." And then I try to remember it the next time I return to work. It helps me appreciate the next "Remember this moment".
  • Random WBAP Hal Jay note: This morning he confused the electric chair scene in The Green Mile with real life, and he thought that a firing squad fired shots into the head of the convicted person. 
  • "It was fun while it lasted." - Tweet yesterday from a guy posting a picture of his Las Vegas ticket where he bet $50 at 20 to 1 odds that Prince Fielder would lead the Major League in home runs. 
  • "Conservative Midland woman funds 'Abortion Barbie' posters in Hollywood". Story and a picture of one in the wild. 
  • Both the hottest and ugliest gal (all combined into one person) was at the Detroit/Ranger game yesterday.