Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Holy cow: Wise County went 76% for Dan Patrick and 24% For Dewhurst. More county numbers here. (We had a 5.4% voter turnout, by the way.)
  • The Tea Party should focus on getting in a three man race which gives them a great chance to get their candidate into the runoff, and then crush your opponent because Tea Partiers will come out in droves (relatively speaking) in that runoff election. That formula, for now, works. 
  • George W had a partial knee replacement yesterday, but wasn't he tooling around for 12 miles on a bicycle just a couple of weeks ago
  • There was some crazy tornado video that was all over the news last night, but I think the bigger story were the guys who were filming it who didn't seem to understand that a tornado could kill them. (Language warning.) 
  • The manager of the bar with the offensive domestic abuse/beer sign in Plano has either been fired (per Dallas Morning News) or put on leave without pay (per Fox 4.)
  • The odds of putting a USB stick in upside down is 50/50. Except with me I screw it up about 80% of the time. 
  • The discussion of "I'd rather be happy than right" was interesting yesterday. I was thinking it applies to small things --- kind of an off shoot of "pick your battles." One time Mrs. LL and I got in an argument over the definition of "fast food."  It was silly and ridiculous. And I don't know if in the end I was right, but I dang sure knew neither of us ended up happy. 
  • Sports and Kinda Sports: (1) Everyone was talking about Fifty Cent's horrible first pitch last night. I think I saw ESPN calculate that it was outside the plate by 21 feet. (2) What a ridiculous end to the Rangers game, but you can't run from second to third via left field, can you? (3) #1 seed and defending champion Serena Williams got beat in the French Open a second ago. (4) This is a cool: A chart of heights and weights and what position in sports you'd best be suited for. (5) As Sean Lee was helped off the field, Spaulding was close by in coach's gear. (5A) I think I've got this right: Sean Lee will earn $5.5 million this year and a guaranteed $2.5 million next year. The contract calls for $24 million after that but he'll be cut by then.  (6) Ed Carter Sportsline is still my favorite bit on The Ticket. 
  • It is taking longer than I'd like to exit Afghanistan but at least there's a plan. Unlike when we decided to enter it.
  • Even with all the warning signs, there is no way to stop incidents like the attack at UC-Santa Barbara. (Oh, and here's the "worst right wing tweet" about the incident.)
  • Didn't the Messenger create an online newspaper for Haslet or Justin? Hadn't thought about that in a couple of years, and I can't find it now.
  • "On Monday, Molly Schuyler ate two 72-ounce steak meals at The Big Texan Steak Ranch [in Amarillo]. In less than 15 minutes."  Nothing says Memorial Day like glorifying a a "competitive eater".