Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Memorial Day honors not veterans in general but those veterans who have died and then only those who died while serving. There are very few people who seem to know that. 
  • Mrs. LL watched a short documentary on the Jodi Arias trial and we were stunned to learn that she still hasn't been sentenced.
  • I watched the first three episodes of The Americans. It's good, but I'm not sure what all the hubbub is about. Then again, I thought the same thing about Breaking Bad. (By the way, a middle aged Keri Russell is smoking hot.)
  • I keep track of the anniversaries of painful events in my life. 
  • But I remember funny stuff, too. About twenty years ago on this weekend, my buddies and I ended up in a ski boat with some model looking and obnoxious "bro" (a friend of a neighbor) from across the cove. He claimed to be an expert skier and jumped in the water asking that we throw him his "boot jelly" to help him put the ski on. We all looked at each other mouthing "Boot jelly?" Then we spent fifteen minutes in an attempt to getting him up four or five times. Each time he failed. My buddy Joseph, with a huge smile on his face, yelled at him, "Hey, maybe you need more boot jelly!" I still laugh about that. 
  • Rockwall's ninety-one year old Ralph Hall is the oldest ever serving Congressman. He took office in 1963.
  • The new Adam Sandler movie grossed only $14 million over the Memorial Day weekend and has a shockingly low 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I think his bit is done.
  • Mark Cuban waved the starting/finishing flags at Indy yesterday. He didn't have a choice as to which side of the road he was on. 
  • I used to keep track of these events: Car hits parked police car in Arlington. 
  • The guy who killed seven in California over the weekend left behind youtube videos and a chilling journal. He's crazy, but his angst is understandable. 
  • Taking five seconds (or less) to "do" my hair is one of my greatest life's pleasures. 
  • I watched a lot of college softball over the weekend. That's a really good sport. Only seven innings. Compact field. Ridiculous amount of emotions from the players. (Baylor is going to the College World Series, by the way.)
  • TCU has had a rough time in the Big 12 but they won the Big 12 Championship in baseball yesterday. They are really good. 
  • We had a chip put in the Family Pup and Family Cat (why?) on Friday. It's really amazing that we don't do the same thing for humans. 
  • And the Family Cat is going to get brain damage from crashing into the window where we have a bird feeder attached outside by suction cups. Buddy, you ain't gonna catch one. 
  • Obscure funny golf reference I heard on the radio: When once Colonial winner Keith Clearwater made a comeback in the tournament several years later, a commentator said, "Well, that gives come credence to Clearwater's revival." 
  • I watched a little of Slumdog Millionare (great movie) and became curious of the population of India. Found out it was a shocking 1.2 billion -- almost four times that of the U.S. 
  • There's no Update today. Once again, I'm proving I'm the hardest working man in show business.