Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The "open carry" nuts showed up outside a Jack In The Box in Fort Worth and scared the employees so badly they locked themselves in the freezer. That may be the worst PR campaign ever. 
  • This is not an official Hot Sports Opinion, but I could see Johnny Football sliding to the Cowboys. (I heard yesterday that there hasn't been a quarterback as short as Manziel taken in the first round since the 1950s.) There would be no greater TV than to have the Cowboys "on the clock" with Manziel still on the board. 
  • Hey, Nemesis: Colby Lewis. 3 2/3 innings. 12 hits. 7 earned runs. The rotation ERA has risen to 4.79, fourth-highest in the majors. "Say me name."
  • Dallas Morning News columnist referring to his daughter: "Cussing's fine if we are connecting." And The Ticket's Dan McDowell said the other day that he didn't mind his young kids cussing in the house. Is there something going on here?
  • So I'd tell Bernie to break his bond conditions? Nope. I'd just tell him that there is a very significant chance he'd be sent back to prison and that I've heard Costa Rica is very nice and secluded.
  • Regarding that goofy carrying-a-half-million-in-cash will get you sent to prison case from yesterday: An astute reader pointed out that a stripper won a case last year where the government tried to seize $1 million that she had transported by vehicle. (And, yes, the very questionable dog sniffing evidence existed in that case, too.)
  • "His father, Mickey, was murdered when Mike was 9." - The first sentence in the official NFL draft preview of Aggie wide receiver Mike Evans. 
  • Looks like the Wise County jury did find that the guy was overcharged in the criminal case this week. They found him guilty of Evading With a Vehicle but not guilty of Aggravated Assault. I saw the video. It's a heck of an Evading case but not much else. (But I was afraid the jury would be so mad at him for driving like an idiot that they'd convict him anyway.) 
  • I was curious what the ratings are now for Kidd Kraddick In The Morning now that it's been a year since Kraddick's death. I couldn't find anything. 
  • Global Warming talk gives me Tired Head, but you guys sure do get riled up about it.
  • I can't remember if Catfish O'Harlies was originally Catfish Charlies or Catfish O'Charlies before it was forced to change the name due to the fact that another restaurant owned the name.