Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • In Williamson County, where the disastrous Michael Morton case originated, a mistrial has been declared in a capital murder case after "new evidence" was discovered by the prosecution during the trial. (But, this time, it doesn't sound like prosecutorial misconduct, but there's no way that judge is taking any chances in not stopping the trial.)
  • I haven't written about the cop who shot the 93 year old lady in Hearne, but I was stunned to learn he shot and killed someone else less than two years ago. All of this in Hearne? Think that guy might have an edgy trigger finger? If you can't fire him, give him a desk job.
  • An awful story of a male version of "And Another": An Odessa Permian teacher who resigned on Tuesday over allegations of an improper relationship with a student killed himself on Wednesday
  • That crazy fast talking Nova Scotia guy who on Monday predicted big storms for Dallas yesterday nailed it. Delkus needs to give him a call. 
  • Sophomore in the House talking about school dress codes which require uniforms: "That would seem to be, like, ya know, against my rights or something." Me (trying to get a reaction): "Your clothes are a way you express yourself. Just like you do with words. So a dress policy by a school -- which is the government -- infringes on your First Amendment right to free speech!" Her (wild eyed and with the intensity of a hippie at an anti-Vietnam rally from the 60s):  "Yeah! That's right!!!"
  • Next thing I know she'll get arrested in some Occupy Wall Street rally. 
  • NFL Draft talk:  (1) I was prophetic yesterday when I said that it would be fantastic television if Manziel was still on the board when the Cowboys were on the clock. And, boy, was it. (2) I can't believe that Jerry, the modern day P. T. Barnum, didn't take him. Drafting a guard which might lead to one extra win a year is nothing compared to the millions of dollars of free publicity Manziel would have brought you. (3) If I were Cleveland, I would have regretted picking Manziel the moment he made that goofy money hand sign once he was selected. (4) I used to say that I couldn't believe John Madden was a Super Bowl winning coach once I heard him on TV. I now feel the same way about Jon Gruden. (5) If I ever get diagnosed with a terminal illness, my last act will be to strangle the ever lovin' life out of Chris Berman. (6) Tweet of the night taking a shot at Johnny Football. (6A) Second funniest tweet: "Drake’s gonna have to write a song about starting at the top and slowly, steadily falling." (7) UT ex Vince Young is now backing up Aggie Manziel in Cleveland; UT ex Colt McCoy will be backing up Baylor's RG3 in Washington. Bizarro World. (8) If this is correct: A high school football player has a 6.5% chance of playing college football. Of that group of college players, only 1.6% will play in the NFL and, of that group, 50% will be out of the league within four years. 
  • My NFL Draft watching was interrupted when the Fifth Grader in the House said from the kitchen, "Uh, the orange juice just exploded." She wasn't kidding. (And I have no idea how that happened.)
  • Music: I've never felt so old. Here's a list of the "walk up" songs for each prospective first round pick. 
  • When there's no organized dinner in the house, the Females In The House refer to it as "YOYO Night." Meaning, you're on your own. (Leftovers.)
  • One General Sports Point: Hey, Baseball Nemesis, don't get to comfortable just because you get a one day reprieve because of last night. 
  • I follow former Morning News TV critic Ed Bark on Twitter. He seems like an absolute jerk. 
  • I think The Plain Dealer headline writer forgot to hit the center justification key . . .