Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a Dallas Christian radio DJ who went on trial for sexual assault last week, but a mistrial was declared when the jury could not reach a verdict. When I heard that the "victim" said her accusation was based upon a "repressed memory", I knew there was a problem.
  • It's amazing that double jeopardy doesn't prevent the retrial of a person after a hung jury.
  • Fun fact: Former Southlake Carroll  coach Todd Dodge (whom I mentioned the other day) has a new job as head coach and AD at Austin Westlake. And, get this,: Westlake plays Carroll in the first game of the year.
  • I keep hearing that the Benghazi murders were "preventable". Isn't every murder in one way or another preventable?
  • I had to pick up the Sophomore In The House at Grapevine Mills mall and ended up walking through the food court. I was accosted with food samples. When did that start?
  • There was a Jerry Whittle pontoon boat on display at the mall with a sign that said it could be purchased for $5.400 down and 180 months at $432.  First of all, that's 15 years. And that's total payments of $77,760. Someone calculate the present value of that boat for me. (I just looked it up and it's priced higher on the website.)
  • There's an openly gay TCU assistant athletic director.
  • I find it so strange that so many Mavs fans are proud of the team taking the Spurs to seven games. Hey, they lost in the first round, and it won't get any better in the foreseeable future. Mark Cuban inherited Dirk and he's done nothing to plan for the future.
  • I watched the White House Correspondents' Dinner on CSPAN, and I came to the conclusion that President Obama is a better comedian than Joel McHale. And the opening film clip featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, John Boehner, and Nancy Pelosi was pretty funny. 
  • Mrs. LL and I watched We're The Millers over the weekend. Pretty funny. And that kid, Will Poulter, stole the show. 
  • We also watched the HBO documentary on Ann Richards. Mrs. LL had never heard of the Clayton Williams "relax and enjoy it" comment, and she reacted accordingly.
  • Yesterday, Mrs. LL turned over to Duck Dynasty. That Christian based show bombarded me with beaver double entendre jokes. And they appeared to have been written by an eighth grader. 
  • How in the world does Floyd Mayweather, Jr. earn $31 million for a boxing match over the weekend?
  • Wells Fargo is closing it's "downtown" Decatur branch.  You know, FM 51 is more of a downtown than downtown is.  
  • Mrs. LL comedy teams: She'll take Robin Williams and Jim Carrey. I'll take Sarah Silverman and Ricky Gervais. 
  • Some people are worried about the potential violence when the World Cup is held in Brazil this year. This won't help: "A Brazilian soccer fan was killed (video link) when he was struck in the head by a toilet bowl hurled from stadium stands as supporters of rival clubs clashed in the northeastern World Cup host city of Recife, police said Saturday."