Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Last night, Fox 4 referred to the "affluenza" kid as "frivolous Ethan Couch".  I guess it makes sense, but I've always associated frivolous with wasteful spending. 
  • And by the way, his parents didn't make a financial settlement (as reported everywhere yesterday), his father's liability insurance company made the settlement. 
  • I thought the anti-Dan Patrick ads by David Dewhurst were fairly effective at first but, man, enough is enough. Could you thrown in a positive ad about yourself once in a while? He's going to screw this campaign up just like he did against Ted Cruz. Bank it. 
  • Former Fox 4 gal Fiona has a new gig in San Antonio. Most reports say she split amicably from Fox 4, but I'm not so sure about that. I always thought she was great. 
  • The subject of the movie Bernie (which is fantastic, by the way) was freed from prison while the courts review his conviction. For the life of me, I don't legally understand what's going on. And here's a piece of advice Bernie: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals will send you back to prison. I'd head for the jungles of Costa Rica posthaste. 
  • Whenever we tell the kids to hurry up, Mrs. LL and I will often end the sentence with: "Huge. Quickly." (That's what Tiger Woods told one of his mistresses when he was asking her to delete information from her cell phone. Yeah, it makes no sense, but it's funny. We've done it so much we don't even realize we say it any longer. )
  • The Sophomore in the House turns sixteen today. Help us. 
  • There is no one worse on the local news than Clarice Tinsley. That reading of Facebook and Twitter posts and that faux concern of hers drives me insane. 
  • Richard Branson is cool. 
  • Wise County's "Big" Ed Beckley is still planning to jump Snake River Canyon in a rocket bike (after paying the state of Idaho $1 million), but he has run into some issues.  
  • A tweet from Fox News last night: "Monica Lewinsky says she was made a 'scapegoat.' Retweet if you agree, reply if you don’t." They should have added "Unfollow us if you think tweets like this are a waste of time and an obvious attempt to drive web traffic." 
  • "Ask the NFL commissioner" on Twitter went about as well as you would expect. Funny
  • Hey, baseball nemesis! You getting nervous yet? The Rangers pitching meltdown continues. Robbie Ross went five and a third, gave up 12 hits and 6 earned runs. It took a little longer to come to fruition, but it looks like I'm a Sports Predicting Genius once again. 
  • There's a criminal trial going on in Wise County. It's an obvious Evading With A Vehicle case, but the jury will have to decide if the State has overcharged their case. They went with a charge greater than Evading. 
  • Baylor had a promising receiver arrested for weed last Friday. I presume the ramifications, as they should be, will be small.  (Did you see on Monday's Ranger broadcast in Colorado, where marijuana is legal, the Texas broadcasters joked about the chance of getting high on cookies while they were there.) And TCU's Draconian reaction of kicking a bunch of kids out of school a couple of years back was beyond ridiculous (and I said that then.)
  • The federal government released an 800+ page report yesterday warning of us global warming. I'm sure you'll all want to read it here.