Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • How deep at the bottom of the ocean might the Malaysian missing aircraft be? Deep. Very deep. (That's a crazy graphic.)
  • The revelation that Al Sharpton was an informant for the CIA against the Mafia is crazy. He's not a guy I would expect to cozy up with the government regardless of the cause. (But I think I like the old Fat Al over new Skinny Al.) 
  • A documentary called American Bloggers looks as boring as you think it would be.
  • I dog radio guy Dennis Prager about once a month (I refrain from mentioning him more because I know only 1% of my audience knows who he is), but this is what he looks like. And that's a borderline racist joke he made. Edit: Hey, goofballs, it's him pointing out which one he is that's borderline racist.
  • When UConn cut down the nets on Tuesday they used a Werner ladder. You couldn't miss it, because Werner had paid for that right --- complete with a advertising graphic on screen. March Madne$$. Edit: Apparently they've had that deal for years.
  • Draft Day, a new movie about the NFL draft, has three big things going against it: (1) Kevin Costner is in it, (2) Chris Berman is in it, and (3) The NFL cooperated with the film.
  • The Ultimate Warrior (who I know nothing about) is dead. He used to be a local DFW figure? Edit: Link fixed
  • Dueling news on "Equal Pay" this morning. I flipped over to Mark Davis who was telling me not to be fooled by the oft quoted figure that a woman makes only 77% of the average man because that is based upon the total salary of all men and women in the work force. I flipped over to The Ticket and Gordon Keith, who was also discussing the 77% figure at the exact same minute, said 77% factors in such things as education and length of employment. 
  • Attorney General Eric Holder became visibly upset yesterday with Texas Rep. and Tea Party fac Louis Gohmert during a congressional hearing.  It's at the 2:30 part of the video and mildly entertaining. 
  • Breaking this morning: Nine people taken to hospitals in Pennsylvania after stabbings in a high school.  Edit: WFAA says that number is 20. Fox is now going with 10. The AP is going with 4. (All those numbers were released within minutes.)
  • Scantily clad Julie Louis-Dreyfus on the cover of Rolling Stone. 
  • I think I finally found an Aerial America that I didn't enjoy: The one on Nebraska. Unless you love corn fields, there is not a whole lot to see in Nebraska from the air.
  • The UConn women won their ninth NCAA title last night. Clever headline . . .