Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't care about NASCAR but I feel bad for NASCAR fans. Normally we have beautiful April days, but not this weekend.
  • There was a TV shot yesterday morning at Sundance Square where ESPN's Game Day was set up and it looked like a ghost town.
  • I found Bruce Springfield [Edit: Make that Springsteen. Not sure what happened there.]  online last night and I'll give the guy credit: Cold and rainy and he was still giving it the what for.
  • “They did everything they were supposed to do to win the game and we hit a ridiculous shot . . . . And the shot they took -- if it banks in, they win."  - Kentucky coach John Calipari explaining that there's not much of a difference between teams.
  • "Nobody is better with concrete than Dallas-Fort Worth. It's everywhere and it somehow looks good." - CBS Reporter. I had friends visit from New Jersey a couple of years back, and they remarked on the amount of concrete in the area.
  • Death Machine: "After the U.S. Supreme Court reinstituted the death penalty in 1976, the first Texas execution took place in 1982; by the end of that decade, the state was responsible for 33 of the country’s 116 executions." 
  • Where's the Right Wing applause?: More than 2 million illegal aliens have been deported under the Obama Administration. 
  • There was a high school visitor of the Sophomore in the House this weekend who (1) asked me if the Cowboys used to be good, and (2) remarked "That song is so old!" when she heard Fergalicious in the background on TV.
  • I saw a commercial for a ridiculous pillow shaped as a triangle  for the head of the bed. You know, not a bad idea. 
  • No one saw it but UT beat Baylor 5-4 in baseball on Friday night when the Evil Empire, with two outs and a full count in the bottom of the ninth, hit a three run double. I was in a fetal position. 
  • I have a wheel barrow and use it more than you would imagine
  • Mrs. LL and I used to go out on Saturday night like crazy. In the last year we've become home bodies. I'm a little scared to ask her if it's OK. 
  • Final Four tickets from $117 on Stubhub.
  • Funny picture: Former Auburn coach Gene Chizik in the background of his daughter's prom picture
  • I don't understand "Geocaching" but Mrs. LL is obsessed with it. 
  • Oddest item from the Update this morning: "Funerals - None pending."
  • "You're Americans. Act Like It."