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Open-carry protestors rally at San Antoinio police substation


In addition to the Confederate flag, zooming in shows these gems:

 Where'd you get that badge?
And that badge? (But funny t-shirt)



Anonymous said...

These open-carry demonstrations are ridiculous. What is the point of all of that, to proof that you can openly carry a weapon? Big fucking deal! All they are trying to do is purposely get the attention of officers and then try and get them to screw up. They're messing with that person's livelihood. Not to mention that they look like jackasses. We don't live in the 18th century when the NEED to carry weapons openly was necessary. You hunt, then go hunting! Otherwise, keep that shit locked up and unloaded so that your children don't accidentally hurt themselves or someone else's kids.

Anonymous said...

The dude with his pants tucked into his boots does that so that when he is having his way with a sheep he can put the sheep's back legs in his boots and then it can't run away.

Anonymous said...

Is there a guy carrying a rifle mounted on a bicycle just out of camera range to the right? If so, just WOW!

DF Mounted Patrol & Trick Shot Artist

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Look, I don't have a problem with open carry, but I do have a problem with folks like these who open carry. These types of folks are actively looking for a chance or excuse to shoot somebody.

I don't know how they go about their days but in over 40 years I have never needed a gun to defend myself. If this is something that occurs to you on a regular basis, you might want to reevaluate your life choices.

I have been a lifelong hunter and I am an owner of over 50 guns, but this is where I get called anti-gun by the gun nuts who somehow think I should be thanking them for fighting for my rights. Look folks, you are doing nothing but risking my rights by looking like a bunch of crazy d-bags. The truth is most gun owners are nothing like these idiots, but to all the non gun owners this is who they now see everytime the 2nd amendment comes up.

Public perception is a powerful motivator and has been used many times in the past to create and change the law. Remember that in 20 or so years when the millenials are dominating politics.

Anonymous said...

Is that Wordkyle with the battle flag draped over his shoulder? He's got his pants tucked into his boots Lubbock-style.

But what are they protesting? The right to do what they're doing? It's not like they're protesting that they can't do what they're doing, because they're doing it, and it's legal.


(And these groups wonder why nobody takes them seriously. They probably put the guns down and call the Tea Party to order in 30 minutes.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The badge on the dude in the grey shirt probably says something about having a concealed handgun license (and hence, is absolutely meaningless). They were all the rage at the gun shows a few years ago, when someone figured out that these nimrods would pay good money to have a cool-looking badge they could whip out and flash. Posers.

Wyatt Earp's round badge is probably either part of his gun-fighting costume or is some BS badge from the Republic of Texas.

I love guns but I cringe when I see people like this.

Anonymous said...


You're obviously a cop or related to one. Same line everytime:

Your rights mean nothing, because a police officer's life is more important than yours

And don't even start with the whole "You'll be the first to call the cops when you hear a mouse fart." Nope. Got my own guns for any flatulant rodents at my house. Why would I wait for Barney Fife to come and "save" the day?

Baylor Too said...

I don't understand why people would want to live in a society where everyone carries a firearm. If that's what you want, then move to Afghanistan or Dudebeckistan.

Anonymous said...

These folks are going to screw it up for the rest of us that carry with common sense. They are doing exactly what the libs want us to do. I actually hope these folks are hired by the liberals. At least I would hope so. So many stupid dumbazz people in the world.

Anonymous said...

we tried moving to Afghanistan, but our surrenderer-in-chief is making us move back

DF digruntled grunt

Mr. Mike Honcho said...


This is the defnition of trying desperately to get that chip knocked off your shoulder.

Someone needs to explain how things work to these "oppressed" folks; You INSURE your RIGHTs are protected by the ballot box. Not parading down to the local strip mall with your AR and causing a scare.

DF John Moses Browning

Anonymous said...

11:10 you don't need to call
Barney Fife - you are Barney Fife.

Anonymous said...

Was that picture taken up on 287? Looks like a meeting of the Wise County meth cookers......

Anonymous said...


Not a cop or related to one sir.

And it is your right to look like a dumbass redneck though. Just keep on feeding into the redneck persona that the rest of the world already makes fun of us for.

But as long as we have guns, fuck it right?

Classic simpleton thinking @2:13! Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

11:41 AM

WK's battle flag resembles a bag of Skittles- All rainbow-y and fruity.

would you like a sardine

Anonymous said...

Klan recurits ready made. They just need to head to Rhome. Don't see no Gansta Bros there.

Anonymous said...

I will no longer consider a home purchase in Rhome because of the sheet bleachers.

Anonymous said...

10:45 The fact that you even considered Rhome to begin with is all I need to know.