Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Drudge Report is all over an armed standoff between the feds and a Nevada rancher. Kind of reminds me Ruby Ridge.
  • Sports: (1) Josh Hamilton will miss six to eight weeks after sliding into first and hurting his hand. He's got to be one of the dumbest guys ever to play baseball. (2) Ron Washington stopped down yesterday's game to go lefty against lefty which immediately backfired once again. (3) Food prices at The Masters are incredibly cheap. (4) Every time I hear Fuzzy Zoeller's name, I think of him referencing fried chicken and collard greens in 1997.
  • The 16 year old allegedly responsible for the Pennsylvania school stabbing looks, well, 16.
  • And the student who pulled a fire alarm during the attack took a selfie of himself later at the hospital. Well, of course. 
  • Got home yesterday and there was a new carpenter's level equipped with a laser laying on the counter that Mrs. LL had bought. I didn't even ask. 
  • Two days ago going into Decatur on 287 I saw a car with carefully stenciled letters on its bumper which read "Back The [Expletive] Off".  The letters were at least three to four inches tall, it was the only words/stickers on the back, and it was a regular sedan.  So weird. So disturbing.
  • The prosecutor in the South African Blade Runner trial is doing lots of yelling during his cross-examination but making little headway. 
  • Got some push back yesterday for allowing a fake WordKyle to post on here. I just don't think there's any chance people confusing the two. 
  • One of the worst ideas ever placed into Texas Law: "The 'Driver Responsibility' surcharge in which . . . 60% of assessed penalties go uncollected. Around 1.3 million Texans currently have suspended licenses because of the surcharge, which is a civil penalty assessed in addition to criminal fines and penalties for offenses like driving with an invalid license, no insurance, and DWI." More.
  • Mrs. LL has never been to Lone Star Park (today is Opening Day.) 
  • Rick Perry was not at the Fort Hood Memorial Service yesterday.
  • After that service, President Obama went to a fundraiser at the Houston home of plaintiff's lawyer John Eddie Williams. When I googled the guy, I learned he made a major donation for Baylor's new football stadium which, as a result of the gift, will surround "John Eddie Williams Field." Good grief. That's as bad as UT's Joe Jamail Field. 
  • The biggest problem for the plaintiffs in the "fracking trial" mentioned in the Update is proving that any health problems were caused due to nearby gas wells. That's a heck of a hurdle.