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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL went to the Oswald play at Casa Manana with a neighbor on Saturday night. She described it enthusiastically when she came home.
  • I took a walk in the park with the Fifth Grader in House yesterday. It was fantastic especially with all the leaves turning. But she thought it was odd, as she tried to cross a creek, that I told her, "I don't care if you fall in but just don't hurt yourself."
  • Everyone on Facebook is doing a list of 6 to 10 things that "you didn't know about me." If those lists were based on complete honesty, we'd all be both shocked and wildly entertained.
  • My interest in the NFL has plummeted to an all time low. The only thing I think I watched was the last RG3 interception which was beyond stupid. Robert!!!!
  • We hired a guy to hang the Christmas lights over the weekend. One day later the string of lights which were supported by the use of glue gun were on the ground. 
  • I made a conscious decision to be more affectionate this weekend. I think Mrs. LL thought I was on drugs.
  • Mrs. LL made a reference to "if these walls could talk" on Saturday which is something I thought deeply about the night before. It was beyond weird and a stop down moment. Then I mentioned the Amy Grant song to her which, amazingly, she had never heard. Later I came across this live version of the song where she seems, at least to me, to be incredibly troubled. 
  • I've loved that song and thought about it as I walked out of the first house I ever owned and sold. Back then I was honest enough to admit to myself that those walls really wouldn't have much to say. 
  • College football: (1) How in the world did Oklahoma State lose to West Virginia? (2) I'm thinking about going to Stillwater this weekend -- Baylor plays there on Saturday. Never been there. But I did own an Eskimo Joe's t-shirt once, (3) With Baylor down 14-0 to Texas Tech on Saturday night, I was amazingly calm but pacing furiously if that makes any sense. (4) I told Mrs. LL this weekend that even if Baylor lost the last three games, I would be eternally grateful for having the greatest Fall football season of my life. (5) I love the BagOfNothing guy but man he hates Baylor for some reason.  (6) I think I may be the only one who likes my observation that Baylor is like Walter White with a machine gun in the trunk tracking down old enemies. (7) I've watched the end of the Auburn game a million times with clicker in hand. 
  • I think volleyball in an underrated sport. And the Decatur girls who are one match away from playing of the state championship have to be having the times of their lives. And they will remember it forever. 
  • How can a person have so much hatred in his heart that he posts anti-Obama comments on my post about Batkid on Friday?
  • I watched Joel Osteen yesterday because I've become fascinated with the guy. And I discovered exactly what he does: He will constantly rattle off a list to connect with his audience. Example: "You may have been laid off, you may have trouble in your marriage, you may have a loved one suffering with illness." It's a simple trick to connect with his audience, and it is genius. I have no problem with what he says but make no mistake: It is not religion. It's therapy. 
  • I got mentioned in Grits for Breakfast!