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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I think I dodged the onset of the flu yesterday.  Incredible chills, weakness, no appetite and the like. I forced down soup in the evening and buried myself in bed under a ton of covers. Based on the way I feel this morning, I think I might be lucky.
  • Mrs. LL took a nap earlier because her neck was still killing her. She started talking gibberish so I asked her if she had taken anything. "Muscle relaxers" she mumbled. Oh, boy. I figured she would be out for the evening but in an hour she was up and acting completely normal. The gibberish might have been because she was dozing off.  I was almost responsible for making tacos for the Kids In The House!
  • And the Fifth Grader in the House told me how all the kids in school are getting sick.
  • And then the Family Pup threw up. (It's always pathetic if she ever does that because I'll rush over to clean it up and comfort her and she just sits there with the saddest eyes thinking she is in trouble.)
  • It was an odd commercial for ESPN three years ago, but it had Ian Kinsler and Prince Fielder sitting on a couch talking about being traded. (For the non-sports fans out there, Texas traded Kinsler for Fielder last night.)
  • I knew about the oil boom in East Texas but the recent issue of Texas Monthly taught me about an equally productive oil find in South Texas called the Eagle Ford Shale (sounds like a car dealership.) Anyway, yesterday Devon announced it would invest $6 billion into it. Edit: This is in the Update. Didn't think they would see it. 
  • Billy Graham, 95, is in the hospital again, but is expected to be released. It was 20 years ago this month that Time magazine put him on the cover with the headline of "A Christian In Winter" -- that is, the last season of his life. 
  • I probably should have covered the Bell County trial of C.J. Grisham more because it was fascinating. Did he commit an offense when he objected to turning over his rifle (which can legally be carried out in the open) when an officer, who may or may not have had a reasonable suspicion to detain him, asked to inspect it. After refusing, he was arrested and charged with Interference with a Police Officer. He was found guilty two days ago and sentenced to a $2,000 fine with no jail time yesterday. Gun rights people were, needless to say, up in arms. 
  • I've got a bad feeling about Baylor/OSU. It's to the point where I don't want to read anything else about it, and I kind of wish it was over and someone would just tell me the score. 
  • Baylor has chosen some outfit named SMG to manage its new stadium and, shockingly, alcohol will be sold at non-Baylor events. 
  • I spent 10 minutes scanning the TV guide for any show on JFK last night and couldn't find a single one. That seems impossible. But if I'm wrong, I can blame it on "flu like symptoms."
  • Pete Delkus says the "Artic Front" is 12 hours ahead of schedule and will be in DFW around 10:00 p.m. tonight.