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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • An outfit called is now advertising on the right wing talk radio station 660 AM - The Answer. (That's the home of Mark Davis and Dennis Prager and soon to be the home of Sean Hannity.) Speaks volu..... oh, nevermind.
  • And I know I only have one Dennis Prager listener/defender but I gave Prager another chance. No one says the most obvious things and considers them to be profound than that guy. It is mind boggling that he considers himself some kind of life and relationship expert.
  • Mrs. LL is down with a sore upper back and I've got the strangest severe chills this morning. We're falling apart. 
  • I'd like the Dallas Cowboys serving food at the Salvation Army center yesterday a lot more if the cameras weren't invited. 
  • Texas Monthly is now onto Judge Jerry Ray calling his attack on a Tarrant County jury a "bizarre outburst."  I guess the Star-Telegram is going to ignore it. 
  • Decatur schools have early release on Friday because of volleyball and football playoff games. Is that commonplace? 
  • A Flower Mound police officer participated in a marathon in San Antonio over the weekend then disappeared. Edit: Just found (but no explanation yet.) Edit #2: He was found in Florida.
  • A Florida Republican congressman was charged with cocaine possession and, you know what, I don't care. 
  • I'm backing off thinking about going to Stillwater on Saturday. Temperatures in the 20s with possible icy roads along the way. 
  • I went down to Dealey Plaza ten years ago for the 40th JFK anniversary. It was a peaceful crowd but a handful of conspiracy guys got agitated when Dallas cops started putting on riot gear for no apparent reason. Someone in charge told them to take that stuff off, they did, and everything went back to normal. 
  • The "checkpoint" in Fort Worth where drivers were forced to stop and then asked to volunteer saliva, blood or breath was insane.