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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I promise I saw a sticker on the back windshield of a truck in Wise County this morning that said, "Jesus doesn't tap out."
  • Speaking of, in this era of the fear of concussions how does MMA/Ultimate Fighting exist?
  • College sports: (1) The Auburn crowd reaction to that amazing last play on Saturday is, well, amazing.  (2) I thought UT caught a big break when "coach in waiting" Will Muschamp went to Florida. I think the guy is a meat head. And he proved it again. (3) I re-watched the first quarter of Baylor/Tech last night. It is beyond entertaining. And Gus Johnson, whom I have never heard broadcast a football game, was fantastic. (4) That catch by Texas Tech receiver Eric Ward was incredible. (5) Stolen for the Ticket this morning: What purpose do the pylons in the back of the end zone serve?
  • I've been livid about retired judge Jerry Ray chastising a jury in Tarrant County for finding a guy not guilty in a DWI case. I was excited when Grits For Breakfast picked up the story yesterday morning and ecstatic last night when I saw the Dallas Observer was on it. If Fox 4 or the Star-Telegram (Bud Kennedy, I'm looking at you) doesn't jump on it, I'll be sorely disappointed.
  • And the Dallas Observer had the news that the guy blew a .095.  I understand that the general public would assume the guy is guilty, but there is not a prosecutor with half a brain who would tell you that such a case is a slam dunk. In fact, if the guy looked good on video then the case is a train wreck waiting to happen for the State. 
  • He was a visiting judge which means he only fills in by appointment. I'm guessing those gigs are about to dry up. 
  • One of the oddest things about the Kennedy assassination site is the white "X" painted on the street at the location where the President was shot. As of yesterday, it is gone
  • I'll flip over to WBAP in the mornings every now and then and for some reason Brian Estridge drives me insane. They had a guest on this morning -- some guy named Eubanks promoting a book -- who spoke of the Richie Incognito bullying incident. Eubanks said, "Don't judge someone on what the say. Judge them on their actions." Really? Seriously? How dumb is that? Estridge, with excitement in his voice, said, "That's a really great point!" 
  • It has been revealed that Jackie Kennedy's pink blood-stained dress is in the National Archives and, based upon the request of Caroline Kennedy, will not be displayed until the year 2103. (Why that year?)
  • I may be the fastest self-check out grocery buyer in the history of ever. 
  • "North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood." Is this Russia, Danny?
  • I've been a critic of Dallas lawyer Lisa Blue for years (she was married to asbestos king Fred Baron who funded the cover up of the paramour of presidential wannabe John Edwards). This is complicated, but it was interesting to see her name in the story: "Dallas County’s fee dispute with lawyers sinks settlement of federal lawsuit." And DA Craig Watkins is involved. Something ain't right. 
  • Up until three years ago (besides when I was a kid), I had not had a dog. The Family Pup is a Yorkie who costs too much, has destroyed floors, and barks at the worst time. And I'm not sure I've loved anything more. (Except you, Mrs. LL -- That disclaimer will keep me out of trouble).