Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That "shootout" yesterday turned out to be quite the national news story. And it'll probably have a little more legs today when Colorado officials fly into Decatur and another press conference is held. 
  • The story was on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams last night but some how did not ever reference "Decatur" or "Wise County". 
  • I knew the suspect had shot the Director of Corrections and a pizza guy in Colorado but I had to learn this from The Ticket this morning: He killed the delivery guy so as to use the pizza and vest/jacket to pose as a delivery guy when he knocked on the Director of Correction's door. 
  • Sheriff David Walker does a good job on TV. So many country sheriff's come off as hicks, but we don't have that issue. 
  • The spillway is open at Lake Bridgeport dumping water into Lake Worth when our lake is already over fifteen foot low.
  • The President visits Bethlehem today. 
  • I was walking up to the courthouse yesterday and tried to get out the intersection quickly because a car was coming. I might possibly have done a slight one-time "skip" move as I hurried along. As I got to the courthouse, a buddy was standing there who said, "Why don't you just go ahead and do a full skip across the street next time?"
  • While you were sleeping: Three marines dead at Quantico.
  • I made a horrible mistake during jury selection yesterday that the prosecutor graciously allowed me to correct. I think he was afraid I was going to die of a heart attack. More later. 
  • Everyone talked about LeBron dunking on Jason Terry (meaning Terry got "posterized") earlier this week which gave rise to this question I heard on the radio: Do they still make actual posters? And, man, that was some beautiful passing before it happened.
  • Your phone charges faster in airplane mode? I guess that makes sense. 
  • A couple of Wise County troopers and a deputy on the cover The Denver Post.