Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't think I've ever used the word "myopic".
  • It's been a long time since the shooting of the Kaufman County ADA with no apparent leads. That might have been a professional hit. A very well done professional hit.
  • The Highland Park Romo kid who was no-billed in the date rape case is now suing his accuser. That sounds Angry Parent Motivated.  But Fox 4 reporting that they have already spent "several hundred of thousands of dollars in legal fees" seems next to impossible -- unless they are the victim of a legal robbery.
  • The Heat were down 27 last night in the third quarter and came back to keep a streak alive that even I care about. Not enough to watch it, but enough to be interested. 
  • I didn't listen to much of Jasmine on 105.3 The Fan, but her contract was not renewed yesterday. Radio is a dog eat dog business.
  • A long article in D Magazine about Chris Kyle which begins and ends with the mysterious story of him killing two guys during an attempted car jacking at a gas station in Texas -- a story which can't be verified. After reviewing his life, the writer basically concludes that it might be false but we all need to believe in legends.
  • We had a modified "And Another" out of Colleyville except both the accused and the alleged victim are both males. And the accused looks like a kid himself. 
  • I had to get my laptop repaired because it wouldn't charge. Charger was fine. Battery was fine. But some connection where you plug it in had to be soldered (I think that's the right word) back on to the motherboard. 
  • What a bizarre story out of Maypearl: Two teenagers try to burglarize a home but flee when the home owner opens fire. They then kill themselves.
  • I may be out of pocket today since I should be in a DWI trial. 
  • Did you know that Reagan and Bush #1 never visited Israel during their presidencies?