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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Watched a little Fox News last night and it seemed like the theme was "blame the Democrats for refusing to negotiate about the shutdown".  Negotiate what? That Obamacare was legally passed by Congress and ruled constitutional? I understand the Republicans' frustration, but this is going to turn into a disaster for them. 
  • Some pointed out that I shouldn't be surprised by Fox's hire of every-now-and-then moderate George Will because they have people like Juan Williams and Alan Colmes already on the payroll. I'm surprised because they didn't hire someone to be "fair and balanced" who won't serve as a token whipping boy. The first time he sits across from Sean Hannity, I'll be locked in. 
  • The first time I ever smiled because of George Will was way back in the 1990s when he was on the Phil Donahue Show when Donahue was constantly interpreting him. Will interjected: "Please don't interrupt me in the middle of my sentences because I'm an expert on how they should end." Donahue could only smile and say, "You are all that they said you were George. You are all that they said you were."
  • Tarrant County DA Joe Shannon announced yesterday that he won't seek re-election but said that "internal polling indicated he would have won re-election."  Someone needs to pull his campaign information and see if he has spent a dime on "internal polling." I think not. 
  • Speaking of, you can find any Texas elected official or candidate's periodic campaign financial reports here
  • Household problem: Everyone else in the house has no trouble letting milk, lettuce, or any other perishable sit out on the counter for 30 minutes. I use stuff like that and immediately rush them back to the refrigerator as if they will decompose immediately. 
  • Sports: (1) Things are bad at UT when the teams' sideline reporter is forced to resign after being critical of the team. (2) Did anything get more of a yawn that the Dallas Mavericks' press day on Monday? (3) Baylor will trick up its uniforms for Saturday's game versus West Virginia -- and they are a shocking 27 point favorite. That makes me nervous. (4) I mentioned that legendary QB James Street died this week but I had forgotten that I had mentioned his legendary game against Arkansas in Random Thoughts back in July. That seems to happen a lot. I'll refer to some obscure event and then it'll be back in the news one day or another. 
  • Lot of reports that the last song played on Breaking Bad, Badfinger's Baby Blue, had downloads rise 9,000% since the episode ran. Brakes should be tapped. Hey, if a book sells one copy for the last year and then sells 9,000 copies, it's not making the New York Times bestseller list.
  • Something I can't believe I discovered on my own last weekend: The term "twerk" was used in Lil John's 2002 song Get Low. (Accidentally hit the KISS-FM button in the car.)
  • There was an odd story yesterday of WWII Vets moving barricades to get to the "closed" WWII Memorial which had been closed due to the government shut down. Nice story, no? Then I got slumped shoulders when I found out that Rep. Michelle Bachmann and Rep. Steve King were there so this was probably all a publicity stunt. "Bachmann and other lawmakers will be at the site 'today, tomorrow, the next day, however long it takes' to keep the memorial open, she told CNN." Good grief. 
  • Mrs. LL will go crazy and mow the lawn every now and then. Yay! And then, every single time, she leaves the lawnmower out. Boo!