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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, this government shut down is embarrassing.
  • Hey, I get that the Republicans want to unilaterally defund Obamacare. But wasn't that health care law passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President? It seems like the Republicans ought to go about this task by simply winning some elections.
  • I'm guessing the shutdown lasts about a week before the GOP backs down. And they will back down. 
  • That "one strike to win the World Series" in St. Louis seems like a long time ago for the Rangers.
  • I keep reading that home prices have jumped over 10% (or more) over the last year or so. Has any one in Wise County actually sold a home at a hefty profit to back that up?
  • How's that democracy in Iraq going? Violence killed nearly 1,000 in September which is the highest since, well, July.
  • I predicted Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles wouldn't last the year. Well, I was wrong. For now. He survived a 5-3 vote last night. 
  • Is it crazy to self insure yourself for medical expenses? Mrs. LL and I spend almost $1,000 a month on a crappy policy with a $5,000 deductible. If I cancelled it and put $1,000 aside every month dedicated to medical expenses (and I've got the discipline to do it), the odds are certainly in my favor.  After a couple of years we'd have well over $22,000 (routine medical expenses estimated at $2,000) and if we then obtained insurance, we've got a heck of a windfall. (Yeah, I understand the Obamacare tax penalty but it's minimum at first.)
  • Historically it makes sense: My main health care costs over the last decade have been due to  injuries with a torn Achilles and a separated shoulder. Each cost about $5,000 -- the deductible amount -- insurance didn't help at all. Mrs. LL has had no issues other than a routine doctor visit from time to time. 
  • Then again, a heart attack, cancer, or critical injury would certainly make that self insurance plan seem like a horrible idea. (I guess this is where I hear Clint Eastwood's famous line from Dirty Harry.)
  • And I understand that: Medical insurance should be like home insurance. That home insurance should be for catastrophic events and not for replacing a broken window.  But, sheesh, the premiums are ridiculously high for catastrophic medical coverage. 
  • I guessed I just summarized the sorry state of health care in America.
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