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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • From the Update/YouGottaBeKidding Department:  "Bridgeport Coal Miners Heritage Festival is 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday on Halsell Street. Events include the Battle of the Badge Wise County law enforcement donut-eating contest."
  • Sports: (1) I predicted the Rangers would fade down the stretch but get the last wildcard slot -- I never dreamed they'd fade then rally down the stretch to, perhaps, get the last wildcard spot. (2) The news of Lane Kiffin being fired made me smile on Saturday morning. He made my list of most despised coaches last year. Even the Family Cat wasn't impressed. (3) It looked like a Cowboys home crowd in the background when Dez Bryant caught the first TD pass. (4) What are the odds Nelson Cruz - whose suspension has now ended - will be in the lineup tonight? (5) I've never seen the NFC East so pathetically bad. (6) Bridgeport is 0-5 and was down 51-0 at halftime on Friday? What's going on over there?  (7) Texas legendary QB James Street has died
  • Hey, Liberally Lean Critic, this morning Gordon Keith mentioned the Dallas-homeowner-shot-story and the Argyle-video-in-the-locker room story that I wrote about on Friday. Once again, obviously stealing. Right?
  • If the local media doesn't pick up the story of the Bridgeport man bidding almost $1 million to jump Snake River I'll be shocked. 
  • This government shut down will blow up in the Republicans' face, right? 
  • I've raved about how great weather forecasting has become but, man, that was a crazy screw up on Saturday. It was supposed to rain all evening and night (that's why they moved the Rangers' game) and it ended up to be nothing more than a midday brief storm. 
  • Mrs. LL cried during Breaking Bad last night. (And wasn't that show fantastic!) My favorite line came from Skinny Pete: “The whole thing felt kinda shady, like morality wise.”
  • Have any of the Obamacare critics even looked into the new health insurance exchanges that begin tomorrow? Dare I say it looks pretty good?
  • Ted Cruz on Meet The Press yesterday: "The best way to get health insurance is to get a job.”  Good lord. 
  • I've got two incredible talents: (1) The ability to tell you what time it is almost down to the exact minute, and (2) Being able to catch something before it hits the floor (like a glass) after I drop it. Maybe I can get a job at a carnival. 
  • There's no way I'm watching the new Robin Williams television comedy. I have the long held belief that he's the most overrated comic in the history of ever. But, as a dramatic actor (i.e. Good Will Hunting), he's pretty good.