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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The reviews for the new movie Gravity are off the charts good. Insanely off the charts. 
  • Yeah, the lady who drove like a nutcase outside of the White House and the Capitol was dangerous behind the wheel but, once she wrecked out, did she really need to be gunned down? (And the cops are lucky they didn't kill the baby in the car.)
  • Look at this cop car damaged in the chase. It wasn't hit by anyone. The driver ran into a concrete barrier in plain view.  (You can see the bizarre event at the 3:00 mark of this video).
  • Wendy Davis declared her run for the Governor of Texas yesterday.  Even I don't think there's a chance in the world she can win. But, on election night, she'll provide concrete proof that Texas is getting closer to becoming a blue state. 
  • And check out the press release by the Greg Abbott campaign released seconds after her announcement: "Once again, Texas Democrats are attempting to conjure support for California-style candidates that try to sell Obama’s liberal agenda and go against what makes Texas great." California? Obama? It's like Bubba Politics 101.
  • Our microwave went out last night. What's next?
  • Sports: (1) The Longhorn game was wildly entertaining last night although the horribly played win hurt, and did not help, the chances of Mack Brown keeping his job. (2) Which controls: When the referee makes his decision or when he blows his whistle a second later? Before you answer, think about this - If a ref is watching the play clock and sees it hit 0.00, the ball is snapped a half second later, and the ref blows his whistle a half second after that, the delay of game penalty is going to be assessed, right? (3) I mention that because of the controversial call at the end of the UT game. It's possible that the ref decided it was forward progress, the ball gets stripped, and then he blows the whistle. (4) It was either Emily Jones and Gina Miller on The Hardline yesterday who said that former Baylor coach Guy Morriss was the most sexist coach she ever knew. He wouldn't even acknowledge her in a room even though he shook hands with other male media members. 
  • I don't know much about the Mark Cuban/SEC trial other than to know he was goofy enough to invest in a search engine called 
  • If I don't mention a Wise County criminal justice story it's probably because I represent the person. I call it the Blog Immunity Perk. 
  • I'm beginning to believe in the Breaking Bad finale theory that it was all a fantasy that begin in the stolen car. 
  • Yesterday the Tarrant County Judicial Board (which sounds like some kind of Star Chamber) fired the magistrate who they had suspended last week. But they won't say why. (Someone email me and tell me -- I've got to know people who know.) 
  • Remember the four people in Alabama who were mysteriously found dead in a car on a remote road? Turns out two were facing child pornography charges.
  • Davis Love III rode around at the President's Cup yesterday with a baby squirrel in his lap, gave it to Tiger's girlfriend, who put it on Tiger's back. Tiger not pleased.